“Where am I?” Sihle had a strong headache. Sihle was very frail, that was well known by Ayammah. He couldn’t even lift up us his head to clearly look at these people in front of his bed.

“Shh! Don’t try to talk, you are in hospital. You fainted after you heard the most exciting yet very shocking news. But the doctor said you will be just fine.” Ayammah was there with succour.

Sihle heard Ayammah’s voice then he knew he was in good hands. Ayammah was not saying those news were exciting because Sihle’s father was rich but because after all these years he finally knew who his father was.

“Did I…” Sihle babbled, he tried to talk but the words wouldn’t come out.

“Yes you did son, the results were still announced even though you could no longer hear them. The country deserved to know and now it’s on everyone’s lips that Sihle Majola is the winner of Poetic Voices. You deserved it son.”

Dumisani said realising that he almost killed his only son but he was willing to give him any kind of aid he needed going onwards. Sihle’s response towards his father’s support was not duly, he just went quiet for a while instead of being hysterical as they expected him to be.

His father was making him sicker than the smell of hospitals. His father did not know his anecdote, his struggle all this time he was not there. He needed to be dourest so his father could read his anecdote on his face and in his voice, but being resolved in Ayammah’s presence was not easy.

He had just heard the most stupefying news of his life, it was going to take time. Dumisani thought to himself when he saw Sihle not showing signs of being happy to see him there.

“I don’t want to sound rude but I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you and don’t you ever call me Sihle Majola ever again, ever! I am Sihle Ngubane and don’t make a mistake of calling me your son. I am not your son.”

***Else Where ***

“Mom I still can’t believe that Sihle is my half-brother, it is so hard to accept.” Melokuhle said wiping tears that were falling.

She had been crying since she woke up and that was yesterday. Thembeka knew Melokuhle was very neurotic, but this time the blame was on Dumisani. Melokuhle got everything she wanted but most of the time she was difficult.

“Don’t cry baby everything is going to be okay.” Thembeka said trying to comfort her child. This whole thing tasted sower to her Thembeka’s tongue, all because of someone who did things without thinking and blamed it on the early age and being naive.

Thembeka swore to herself that if Dumisani could walk in at that moment she could strangle him to death by her own hands. Rejecting Sihle’s love was the most difficult thing to Melokuhle.

Within seconds her life had become abysmal. The more she slowly begged her heart to stop loving Sihle the more her heart demanded her to get Sihle. She is the one who didn’t stop Sihle’s feelings to disseminate in her heart from the beginning and now it was too late.

Thembeka and Melokuhle heard a car parking outside. Melokuhle looked through the window, it was Dumisani. He looked tired, he walked slowly towards the door and he opened it slowly.


Tell us what you think: Will Sihle accept his father? How will Melokuhle get over her half-brother