The big day finally arrived and unfortunately Madimabe was on night shift again. She tried in vain to negotiate leave with her mean-spirited boss. She was just sad that she couldn’t be there to welcome her angel back from the matric dance. But she knew that her angel was in the safe hands of her father.

Letsatsi looked dashing in his maroon shirt and dark grey suit while Thato looked mighty gorgeous in her tight-fitting long red dress that stretched out at the bottom. Most girls envied her body, especially because her curves were well-defined and it looked as if she had no stomach at all. The two looked compatible. Letsatsi had a bright complexion whilst Thato possessed rich dark-brown skin.

At home Thabang was busy pacing the room up and down as if something had bothered him deeply. As he was traversing in the lounge, he received a call from Madimabe reminding him to fetch Thato.

“Ao baby! How can I forget our future meteorologist?” he responded with his usual mellow voice.

Indeed, it was time to go fetch Thato. Thabang put on his jacket and hit the road. The place where the event was held was not that far, so in 20 minutes they were back.

Thato was exhilarated and could not stop enthusing about the great night. They sat together on the couch to finish the show Papa was watching. After a few minutes into the show, Thato felt Thabang’s hand kneading her behind. Whilst still petrified by what she had never imagined, Thabang brought his mouth to the child’s.

When she screamed he gagged her with his palm and started pawing her. He forcefully made his way through her legs.

The following day Madimabe returned with a beaming face to find that her child was distraught. Her eyes were bleary and her hairstyle unruffled.

“Thato ngwanaka what happened, where is your father?!” asked Madimabe with worry.

“He…rrr…raped me mama,” she managed to say through tears.

Thabang was nowhere to be found.


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