Love is powerful just like death. I could witness that in any court, I could even write a book about it. I knew it better than anyone else. I became a ‘suffer in silence’ type of girl, when I was well known by being all over and loud.

Before I knew it, everyone at school knew I was in love with zero, they called him; a number that cannot get you anywhere. My new name became Mrs Poor. Luckily I was then a fan of God and nothing could terrify me.

I had a lot of enemies at school who tried to discourage me day by day, even those who were my friends. Boys I’ve turned down before and girls who did not feel safe whenever I was around their boyfriends were all against me but God made me vehement day by day.

A number of boys who followed me multiplied in to a big number; more especially after I had renounced my pride. Although I had rejected my pride, I was not going to give myself in to any boy. My heart wouldn’t let me feel anything for any boy.

I became a hater of boys who played cool and liked to show off what they had and what they could do; more especially who lived their lives as if they were celebs.

“I wish I was you,” Phumy said looking serious one day during break at school.

I looked at her for a second. I then eyed kids who were playing freely, some enjoying their meals.

“Don’t, it’s not easy being me.”

“But you are extremely gorgeous,”

She was right beside me and my eyes were focusing on the kids at school but my ears were focusing on her. I turned my head, looked at her and I smiled a little.

What she was saying to me was something I knew very well, something I used to celebrate but then it simply meant nothing to me, when I used to think it was the greatest gift in life. All the attention my looks used to get me didn’t amuse my heart anymore.

“So are you,” I said then I turned and looked back to the direction of the kids who were playing in front of us.


“Really! Don’t look at me, Phumy, and wish you had my looks. Look at other people who don’t have the things you do. You are lucky you look the way you do and you are lucky you have everything you have. Some people are not that lucky so be grateful my friend.”

Phumy did not reply to those words she just stared at me like I had a point, like she thought I had just become Gandhi.

The last two years of my high school days were abysmal. I was kind of getting used to my resentment. I knew it was going to be for a life time.

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