We know that we are talking about someone who is incredibly unique, but the question raised by people is a good one, no, a vital one: who is Joy? Or should I say, who is he trying to be?

Self-image is an important aspect of personality. It is the person’s perception of himself, the way he sees himself. A person’s interpretation of the way others react to him, that is the way you want people to think of you. A personal image of how he should be.

Joy was that boy who was dedicated to his work. No one could fault him there. His work was taken seriously. Everything he did showed that he was determined and dedicated to it. Actually, not in everything; maths was that one subject he didn’t excel at. Not because it was hard, but he thought he wouldn’t make it. You can try hard to do something, but if you give it a negative attitude that is where you will get lost.

The brain absorbs information you feed it.

This Joy we’re talking about was fond of playing rugby. He didn’t just limit himself to playing rugby, but playing his best. Once he set foot on the field, nothing could stop him. Nothing could stop him with the best teammates beside him, nothing but the referee’s whistle. He was told that he could be anything he wanted to be, so he became a human bulldozer.

As time went by, Joy met a girl, Elizabeth, who was also a rugby player. As time went on, the relationship between them became well-developed. No one suspected a thing because he was a secretive person. Joy spent time mostly with his friends; rugby was his second home. His life was staged. None of his friends knew that he had an affair, even better, that he was dating. He was known to be afraid of girls; that’s what he wanted people to think.


Tell us: How important do you think self-image is in a relationship?