After speaking to Bado, Andrew went home feeling sad, and he decided to forget about Blessing and focus on his studies. Although he made the decision to forget about Blessings, he couldn’t help but look at her during some moments, and he continued thinking about her.

During term 3, Andrew decided to move out of the class he was in and into another class in order to stay focused on his education, so he moved to from 4A to 4d. In 4d, he found Alick, who sat close to Blessings and was also his friend. Alick liked visiting 4A, where he had met Andrew and they chatted for a while.

“Hey man, you’re here now,” Alick said. “Why did you leave that other class?”

“It’s nothing man, only that I want to be serious with my education,” Andrew responded.

“That’s good, that that class is too noisy and playful,” Alick said.

“But how’s Blessings?” Andrew asked.

“Good,” Alick responded. “Is she your friend?”

“No, sometime back then, I tried to date her, but she couldn’t accept it,” Andrew said.

“What?!” Alick asked, sounding shocked. “I think you’re the problem. That girl can’t refuse your proposal, let’s go and see her, she’s inside the class.”

“Not today, but can you help me,” Andrew asked.

“No problem, but you should be serious with her, okay?” Alick responded.

“Yes man, I’m serious,” Andrew said.

“I need to go, the bell has just gone, but I’ll do it for you,” Alick said.

“Thanks man, I’ll see you,” Andrew said.

Alick spoke to Blessings on behalf of Andrew, and Blessing said he needed to show up himself, but Andrew didn’t. It was near closing school time, when student were getting ready for a graduation ceremony. Andrew, together with his friends Benard and Aurthor, did an activity where they performed a rap song, in which Andrew’s verse was about the moves he made when it came to girls because he thought Blessings used to talk about what was happening, but she did not.

On graduation day, Blessings was not there in the morning. During the time for activities, Andrew, although he was shy, sang together with his friends while looking down and not facing the audience. Later in the afternoon, there was a disco. Blessings came, but Andrew failed to get close to her, and this happened until they wrote their MANERB exams and closed the school.

Andrew missed Blessing during the holiday time. One day, in the streets, Andrew saw her, but he failed to greet her because he was filled with fear. He just closed himself up to her, and while he was walking a certain distance from her, Andrew spoke to himself.

“What, what has just happen?” Andrew thought to himself. “Oh my God, I failed to talk to her again. I’m just a loser. Well, Blessings, I guess this love was impossible, but wherever you go, I wish you all the best, and you will always be in my heart. I love you, Blessing.”


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