On his way home, Andrew met Mphatso and Titus while they were going home. After taking a few steps with them, he told them about Blessings, but he did not know that they were friends with her.

“I was trying to come close to a certain girl, and she asked me if her face was written single,” Andrew said.

“Who is that, who is she?” Mphatso asked while laughing. “Tell me her name. Do you hear what he’s saying man,” he continued, asking Titus.

“Yes man, I do,” Titus responded while also laughing.

“I don’t know her name, I didn’t ask her,” Andrew responded.

“Don’t worry man, thing happen,” Mphatso said. “But there are many girls out there, you’ll find another one, or try again.”

“Okay, man I get you,” Andrew responded.

After taking a few more steps with Titus and Mphatso, Andrew said goodbye to his friends and went home. The following day, at break time, Kelvin went for break while Andrew stayed alone in the classroom, and Mphatso came to join him.

“Hey man, how’s it?” Mphatso asked.

“Cool, and you?” Andrew responded.

“Good, show me the girl who answered you like that yesterday,” Mphatso said.

“That one in the front desk, near that window,” Andrew responded. “Do you now her?”

“Yes man, I know her,” Mphatso said. “She’s called Blessings.”

“Okay,” Andrew responded. “Look at how beautiful she is.”

“Man, look at you,” Mphatso said while laughing.

After speaking to Andrew, Mphatso left him and went to greet Blessings, and that was when Andrew realised that they knew each other. Since then, Andrew did not go for her anymore, even though he was always thinking of her.

One day, after their last paper at end of term one exams, Andrew and Blessings were both on the same route going home. Andrew tried talking to her, although he was experiencing some difficulties doing so. There was some silence during their conservation, even though Andrew tried very hard to break it.

“Hey, how are you doing?” Andrew asked Blessings.

“I’m good and you?” Blessings responded.

“I’m fine,” Andrew said. “How was the exam?”

“Good,” Blessings responded.

“You’re called Blessings, isn’t it?” Andrew asked.

“Yes,” Blessings responded.

“Where do you live?” Andrew asked.

“Masasa area,” Blessing responded.

“Which side?” Andrew asked. “Kwachisi? Because I also leave there.”

“No you don’t,” Blessings responded. “I know where you leave.”

While talking to Blessing, Andrew saw a friend, Nemzy, and moved closed to him, leaving Blessings alone. But, although he had moved away from Blessing, his eyes were still on her. The day soon ended, and Andrew regretted leaving Blessing on their way home.

During holiday times, Andrew met up with Bambata, who was in the same group with Mphatso, in order for him to help him sing a song concerning Blessing and how he felt about her. It was a misfortune that the guys did not help him release the song, though, they just deceived him. Andrew eventually gave up on the song, even though it was sang in a good way.


Tell us: Do you think Andrew should give up on his efforts to show Blessings how he feels about her?