After break time, Andrew told Kelvin what had happen and the answer Thandi had given him. After that, Kelvin went after Thandi several times, and she later wrote a letter and gave it to Andrew for him to give to Kelvin .

“I thought the message was good, but I think this is a rebuff, oooohh!” Andrew thought to himself while taking the letter to Kelvin.

Kelvin read the letter and later went to hear the news for himself. When he did so, he was told to wait for Thandi because she was writing her MANEB exams, so he waited for her. While waiting for Thandi, Kelvin went to Blessings to tell her that Andrew liked her without his consent.

“Hello, how are you?” Kelvin said to Blessings.

“I’m good and you?” Blessings responded.

“I’m fine, hey,” Kelvin said. “I’ve been sent by someone to tell you that he likes you.”

“Who?” Blessings asked. “Let him came alone.”

“Don’t worry,” Kelvin responded. “He’s the one right there, standing on that corner.”

“Okay,” Blessings said.

“I’ll tell him to come alone,” Kelvin said.

“Okay,” Blessings responded.

After his conversation with Blessing, Kelvin went to Andrew while he was chatting with Shade-k, and told him what Blessings had said.

“Man, I told that girl,” Kelvin said.

“What?!” Andrew asked. “But I didn’t say you should do that. Anyway, I think that was a good idea, so tell me what she said.”

“You should go and meet her,” Kelvin responded.

After talking Andrew, Kelvin went away for a moment and Andrew told Shade-k what was happening.

“Man, this guy went to that girl, but I didn’t send him, I only admire her,” Andrew said.

“Okay, but I know that girl,” Shade-k responded. “She’ll probably tell you that she already has a boy, or maybe she’ll accept.”

“Do you think I should continue?” Andrew asked.

“If you can, man,” Shade-k responded.

While they were talking, Kelvin came back. “Man, what do you think?” he asked Andrew.

“Mmmm, okay,” Andrew responded. “But before I do that, I think you should give her the letter you told me to give to Thandi, and tell her I’m the one who wrote it, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll do that for you,” Kelvin said.

After class, Kelvin took the letter to Blessings. “Hey, the guy I told you about sent me this to give to you,” he said to her.

“Okay, let me take a look at it,” Blessings responded while looking at the letter. “Oh! Is my face written single?” she asked.

After Blessing’s response, Kelvin went back to Andrew while he was getting ready to go home and laughing in class.

“What is it man?” Andrew asked when he saw Kelvin.

“Do you know what that girl’s answer was?” Kelvin responded.

“No, tell me man,” Andrew said.

“She said, ‘is my face written single?’” Kelvin responded.

They both laughed, and although Andrew was not happy, he did not show it. He just smiled with his friend, then they both said goodbye to each other because they were going to meet again the following day.


Tell us: What do you think Andrew needs to do now that Blessings gave him a negative answer?