“Snap out of it!” Nombuso scolded herself. She was driving fast, ignoring all the road signs. “She’ll pay for this,” she continued under her breathe.

After a while, Nombuso’s mind drifted back to Zanele.

“Hey beautiful,” Zanele had said, a few weeks after their first meeting.

“Hey you,” Nombuso had responded, smiling.

“I’m glad you came, I have something for you,” Zanele said, smiling at Nombuso and stretching her hand out to her.

“You’re spoiling me rotten!” Nombuso said, taking Zanele’s hand.

“That’s my job,” Zanele replied, then she laughed.

“If you spoil me like this, what will become of our kids?” Nombuso jokingly asked.

Zanele tensed at the comment, then she cleared her throat.

“Is everything fine baby?” Nombuso asked, worried.

“I’m fine. Come!” Zanele responded with a fake smile.


“I should’ve seen it! I ignored all the signs! The bastard ignored marriage talks,” Nombuso said to herself, as she turned left without indicating. She was a few minutes away from Zanele’s house.

“Open your eyes now my baby” Zanele had said the day she bought her the car.

When Nombuso opened her eyes, there it was, her silver grey Audi A3. It was her dream car. She had told Zanele about it a couple of times, but she never thought she would buy it for her! “Thank you!” she cried, jumping into Zanele’s arms.

Zanele laughed, spinning Nombuso around. “You like it baby?” she asked.

“Like it? Baby, I love it!” Nombuso screamed.

“Take it for a spin! It’s yours,” Zanele said, flashing the keys in front of Nombuso’s face.

Nombuso grabbed the keys, got into the car, and took in the new car smell. “Thank you babe!” she shouted. Zanele was smiling, clearly happy with herself for making Nombuso believe all her lies.


“Babe, what’s going on here?” Nombuso asked the day she found the truth about Zanele’s lies.

“Nombuso …” Zanele stuttered, clearly shaken.

“Who’s this? Zanele?” Nombuso asked, pointing at Lihle, Zanele’s wife.

“I’m her wife. Who are you?” Lihle asked, standing up, clearly confused.

“Wife? Zanele isn’t married,” Nombuso said under her breathe.

Lihle let out a small laugh before responding. “And you believed her?” she asked. “Zanele, what is this thing doing in my house?” she continued, turning to Zanele, who was horror struck.

“Zanele, what’s happening here?” Nombuso asked again.

“Baby, I can explain,” Zanele finally said.

Nombuso got relieved at Zanele’s comment. She thought that Zanele was finally going to tell her that everything was just a big misunderstanding.

“Lihle, baby, I’m sorry. I was lonely and … I fell for this cheap skirt,” Zanele said, pleading with her wife.

“Zanele, I was only away for three months, and you went and found a cheap girl to fill the void?” Lihle cried, hitting Zanele on the chest. Zanele hugged her in response, hushing her. While all that was happening, Nombuso stood as if she was frozen.

“Leave,” Zanele said, turning to Nombuso.

“Leave? Baby, you don’t mean that,” Nombuso cried.

“Guards!” Zanele shouted.

One of the guards at Zanele’s place appeared, then he took Nombuso away, and threw her out like a used tissue. Nombuso fell down, but she stood up slowly, then brushed the dirt away from her clothes. While walking away, she looked back at Zanele’s house, the big white mansion with multiple cars parked outside. She then slowly got into the car Zanele had bought her, and drove away in shame and tears.


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