The machines and drips in Zanele’s ward make Lihle uneasy. “Will she live?” she asks the doctor.

“It’s hard to say at this moment. Honestly, it is a 50/50 chance. If she does live, it will be a miracle,” the female doctor responds.

“Zanele. You have to wake up. Not only for me. For your kids. They need you, Zanele. We need you,” Lihle says, sobbing.


There is no improvement on Zanele’s state, eight months after she first got into a coma. “I think we should switch off the machines,” the doctor suggests.

“No!” Lihle cries, staring at her wife.

“We have to release her,” the doctor comforts.


Two weeks later, Lihle and Zanele’s mother stand at her bedside, ready to let Zanele move into the afterlife. “Rest in peace, my child. Be a good ancestor,” Zanele’s mother says, smiling down at her daughter.

“I love you, Zanele. The kids and I will miss you dearly,” Lihle says, sobbing. “How could you do this to us?” she yells.

“It’s time. Switch off the machines,” the doctor says, coming through.

Slowly, the doctors switch off the machines, and they watch on as the zigzag lines indicating life turn to straight lines. A loud beeping sound from the machines then deafens them for a minute, and then it all goes quiet. Lihle then screams and wails for her wife.

After a while, they all make their way out. Suddenly, Zanele gasps for air and makes a weird sound. They all turn back and watch her as her chest moves and her eyes try to open.

“Baby!” Lihle shouts, rushing over to her.

“Please. Excuse us,” a group of doctors says, getting into the room with Zanele and chasing her family out.

After two dreadful hours, Lihle and Zanele’s mother get summoned to the ward, and they find Zanele awake and breathing on her own.

“You scared us there,” Lihle says, smiling at Zanele after kissing her lips.

“What can I say? I like making grand gestures,” Zanele responds, laughing in a hoarse voice.

They all laugh, and Lihle reads the question in Zanele’s eyes. “Don’t worry. She is dead this time,” Lihle assures her.

Zanele rests back on her bed and smiles. The doctor then looks at them. “It is a great miracle she is alive and has no sign of amnesia,” he says.

“It is a miracle. Zanele, this is your second chance in life. Don’t mess it up with your wandering eye,” Zanele’s mom warned.

“I will never,” Zanele promised.

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