“Are you not going to work today, baby?” Lihle asks Zanele as she fixes herself for work.

“I’ll be working from home baby, I do not feel so good,” Zanele respond while yawning, and then turns on the bed.

“Do you need a doctor?” Lihle worriedly asks.

“I think I’m just tired. Take Sihle to school, will you?” Zanele responds.

“Sure. Will you cope with Simphiwe, or should I call a nanny?” Lihle asks.

“I’ll cope. He’s still asleep right?” Zanele responds, sitting up.

“He is. I can’t believe he’s grown so much,” Lihle says, laughing.

“And troublesome too. He’s only six months old, but he can make the whole house catch on fire,” Zanele says, also laughing.

“He is better than Sihle. Sihle was very troublesome. I’m leaving now,” Lihle says, kissing Zanele’s cheek.

“Not on the mouth?” Zanele asks, giggling.

“Morning breathe,” Lihle responds, laughing.

“You have no problem with that when I’m giving you some morning glory,” Zanele shouts.

“Wow! Typical Zanele!” Lihle shouts back, laughing.


Five houses away from Zanele and Lihle’s house, Nombuso stands up. She sees Lihle and her daughter leaving, but she does not see Zanele’s car driving off. She then stands for another thirty minutes, but nothing happens. Slowly, she brings the hoodie up to her face and does her best to avoid cameras as she breaks the motor on Zanele’s gate. She then makes her way in while facing down.

Once in the yard, Nombuso stares at the door. She can’t possibly ring the bell, and she can’t get in through the window either. She catches her reflection on the glass door and realises that she still got it. She managed to get a shower at the gym, and she is in freshly washed clothes. She then breathes in and out.

“This is it,” she thinks, and her hand gently presses the doorbell.


Tell us: What do you think is going to happen next?