Later that day, Mpumi and Nombuso are sitting in the forest around a fire while eating pizza. “It’s really cold,” Mpumi says, poking the fire.

“It is,” Nombuso responds, nodding.

“So, now that you are convinced that Zanele loves you, what’s your plan?” Mpumi asks.

“Reveal myself to her,” Nombuso responds.

“That’s too risky,” Mpumi says, shivering.

“Love itself is a risk,” Nombuso responds.

“How exactly are you planning to do that?” Mpumi asks, focused on reviving the fire.

“I don’t know,” Nombuso responds.

“From what you’ve told me, this Zanele person is not worthy of your love,” Mpumi says.

“Do not speak like that,” Nombuso responds, standing up.

“It’s time you let go now. You have lost your job because of her, and now you have lost your identity. What more must you lose?” Mpumi says, standing up too.

“If I have to lose myself for her, then so be it,” Nombuso screams.

“She does not deserve you,” Mpumi reasons.

“No. Zanele and I deserve each other,” Nombuso yells.

Mpumi shrugs in response and lowers herself to the ground again. Nombuso walks over to her car. “I’m going to sleep,” she announces, and Mpumi nods in response, absent minded.

“Surely Zanele still loves me,” Nombuso thinks. “If she did not, why else would she be having a fight with her wife about me? I have always known that Lihle never loved my Zanele. Nobody will love Zanele like I do. We would be so happy together. We can even take her kids with us if she wants to. They are her babies, and whatever belongs to Zanele I will love and protect like my own. I must reveal myself to her, and soon. If I can’t have her, then nobody else will. This time it is either Zanele plans a wedding with me, or her wife plans a funeral for her.”

While thinking, Nombuso smiles creepily.

Tell us: What do you think will happen when Nombuso goes ahead with her plan?