The day he was waiting for arrived at last. He woke up and got ready. He bathed, polished his boots, and ate his breakfast. Moments later he heard a hooter of a car outside his new home and heard people singing. When he went outside to check it was his teammates.

“Hey man. Come, let’s go to the stadium, the coach is waiting for us,” Vincent shouted.

“Gogo, we are going to play at 10:00 am. You can come and support us if you want to,” Morris said to his granny as he collected his boots.

“OK, go. I will come and watch you my boy, I heard that you play good football,” his granny replied with a smile.

Morris climbed the taxi and it drove off from his home to the stadium. Along the way they passed many people who were also going to the stadium. Morris saw a shirt that looked exactly like his father’s but then he thought it was not him.

After arriving at the stadium their coach told them to go to the dressing rooms and wait for him there. The boys were singing but Morris was not, he was not used to singing before the game.

“You boys really need to win this match. There are agents who are at the stadium to see some talent,” the coach said in his motivation speech.

Morris was in the starting eleven and they gave him number 8. It was Akhah’s number in this team but he never came to practises anymore. Morris was so excited to wear the number he always wanted to wear. When they walked on to the pitch, Morris saw Akhah and his mother, but Torus was nowhere to be seen. They were sitting on the grandstands.

Akhah became very furious when he saw Morris wearing his number 8.

“Hey coach, don’t you have another number to give that boy? That is my bleep number coach, you can’t give it to that stupid boy,” Akhah shouted at his coach very harshly.

But coach ignored Akhah and told the boys to relax. then Morris went to the coach to ask for another number

“Coach, you heard him. I can’t wear his number, please give me another one, please coach,”

“Morris I gave you that number because I wanted it to belong to you. Now go and play,” replied the coach.

Morris was annoyed by this but he had to wear the number 8.

The game began. While they wear playing, Torus arrived but he did not sit with Akhah and his mother. He sat alone, near the team’s bench. Whenever Morris got the ball he smiled and shouted his name.

“Go Morris! Go go go my boy! Go!”

He even told the man who was sitting next to him that Morris was his son. Akhah and his mother, Bianca, were surprised to see Torus supporting his son. She went to Torus to ask him to come and sit with them, but he refused.

“Bianca, please go and sit with your son, I’m fine here. Please leave my sight,” he said to her. Bianca went back to where she was sitting immediately.

It bothered Bianca that Torus was supporting Morris; it made her very angry. She needed to find a way to stop him. Bianca and Akhah left the stadium while the match was still on. Bianca was on a mission.

Bianca and Akhah went to see a sangoma, Maganda. She wanted Torus to love them instead of his son.

Baba Maganda, thokoza. I want my boyfriend to love me like I’m the only woman in this world. And I want him to marry me so that I will get everything that he has. Please help me,” said Bianca.

Bafana bomoya hambani niyolanda lendoda! Vumani booo!” Maganda spoke to the bones.

S’yavuma!” said Bianca and Akhah in agreement.

Maganda told Bianca to put R1500, on the ground and Bianca paid the money.

“It is done,” Maganda said.

Tell us: Do you think Bianca’s muthi will work? Would you ever use muthi to get the one you love?