Life turned out to be so difficult for Morris after losing his beloved mother. He was always spending a lot of time on his own, and leaving with new people after years was not easy to him because he was a mama’s boy.

Every day when he came back from school he used to look at his mother’s photos, before taking off his clothes. And every time he did that he just cried, blaming himself for his mother’s death.

“I shouldn’t have agreed to go and stay with them. They fought because of me and now I will never see her anymore,” Morris cried to her mother’s photo. But his tears could not help or change anything, instead things went on to be worse.

He was no longer the boy he used to be at the beginning of the year; he lost control of himself. He was no longer participating in the school activities, no longer writing his school work. His teacher tried to talk to him many times but it was no easy for him to let go of things just like that.

He struggled for a long time at school and failed the third term. He was dealing with a lot of things; his father abandoned him for his enemy’s mom. Every time he saw Akhah wearing expensive clothing and carrying expensive phones, he felt very bad because he knew it was his Father’s money.

Torus never gave a cent to his biological son but he gave his stepson everything that he wanted.

Most days Akhah would go to Morris just to brag about how nice it was to wear the clothes he was wearing.

“Eita ntwana, wow I never thought I’ll ever wear a Carvela, but look at me now I’m a Skhothane, thanks to your dad,” Akhah would tease laughing. But Morris didn’t care about all that, all he cared about was his Mother.

As time went by Morris tried to let go of all the pain he had. When he realized that he was left behind in his school work, he had to concentrate and work extra hard. Everything went on very well and he was starting to be the boy he was during his first days at his new school. He even met a new friend, Vincent. Wonder was not around anymore because Morris had moved to his granny’s.

Vincent was in the same school, same grade, but different classes with Morris. Morris only spent a few minutes with Wonder at school but they were still good friends. After school he walked with Vincent. During one of their walks home they decided to join the soccer team in their area.

Everything went on very well; his new teammates welcomed him with open arms. Morris was in the same team as Akhah but he had never seen him at any practises and he never bothered to ask anyone about him. He just assumed that Akhah was not part of the team anymore.

His new team was at the top of the league and they were left with only two games to win the title. They trained very hard and Morris was registered to his previous team, he told his coach and his coach got him registered for them, he couldn’t wait to play for the first time after a 5 months break.

His new coach called all the players on Friday afternoon because they had a game the next day. They all came but Akhah didn’t show up.

“Guys I called you to tell you how important is the title to us. Tomorrow I need all of you boys to go out there and show them who you really are. Uhm Morris thank you for joining us, we hope you will be a good player as you were before your injury. So boys today we don’t train I want you to relax and prepare for tomorrow’s game, right boys!”

“Yes coaaaaach!” the boys replied like warriors.

“That’s the spirit boys,” coach added, “now you can all go and rest,”

They all went to their homes.

During the night Morris couldn’t wait for the next day because he was going to play an important game for his new team. He wanted to wear number 8 his number from the previous team, but he now his coach gave him number 7.

Tell us: Do you think Morris and his dad will ever make up?