We started writing our exams, we never gave up studying. We wrote our favorite subjects. We then went on holiday as we waited for our results. After the exams, Memory was going to be married that Saturday. I didn’t even attend the chikhoswe ceremony because I knew that if I went there, I may end up creating a scene. After the chikhoswe, Memory and I met up once more, we never spoke, we cried. Mr. Mwase then came and took my bestie out of my sight. I didn’t say anything, I rushed home and started playing Phada with my little brother as a way to get everything off of my mind.

After three months, Dad came to me and told me that the results were out. I wasn’t even interested in knowing the results. Dad went to check the results, I just saw his smile on his face, I knew that I had made it. It was my first time to see dad dance. I smiled after a long time. Dad was so excited as he was saying I scored 13 points. I was happy to hear this, then he turned and said, “your friend scored 9 points and the highest at your school.” Then he left.

After hearing that I was really proud of Memory, then I sent my application to universities and sent one for my friend. After four months I was selected to nursing school while Memory was selected to medicine school.

Two weeks later, I left for university. I wasn’t that excited as I left Memory. She cried. I couldn’t bear her tears. She didn’t go to university as she was about to become a mother in a few days. I felt really felt bad.

Two weeks later I received a phone call from my mom telling me that Memory had died. She was too young to give birth and she died in the process. I never thought she would die in that way. I went back home to say my final goodbyes to my sweet friend, Memory. I write this in memory of her. I saw her go, my friend, my sister, my princess, my happiness, my teacher, my smile.

Dear parents, money is nothing compared to a lovely daughter God has given you. Try to give us a chance to prove that we can achieve goals in life, instead of sending us into marriages.


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