Memory was a top student. Last term, I passed my science and humanities quite well in 5th position. She was my number one supporter. We would read every day, solve our math problems together, day and night.

In the first term, I was number 2 in class, Memory was number 1. I felt happy to achieve that position, Memory was really part of my success because when I failed, she was there to correct my mistakes. She was always by my side. She was not only a friend, but a sister to me.

That Thursday I went to school earlier than usual, because I wanted to visit the library and to select good books before anyone else. I was on the afternoon shift that week, when our shift started I went to class but Memory was not at school yet. I asked Chiso, she used to come with her when they travelled to school but she said she didn’t meet her that day.

During class I didn’t get a single thing in that day, Memory was on my mind. After the knock off bell rung I rushed to her house, but her Mom said Memory was sick and refused to let me see her. I tried my best but nothing. Then I said goodbye and rushed home. I didn’t have peace at all. I called her house, using my dad’s phone but they told me she was asleep.


Tell us: What do you think is wrong with Memory?