I was proud to have a friend like her even our families were so proud of our friendship. Our families become good friends as well, during holidays and weekends we spent time together, having sleepovers playing netball and dancing, taking part in village projects together and supporting football games.

As we went to form two our attitude toward school was still the same, hardworking, respecting teachers and having good behaviour.

I was having problems with Math, my sweet Memory was there to help me and she helped me to boost my science performance.

It was holiday time, and to tell the truth, I was bored at home. We both were because, we liked school a lot. But early in the morning we would go to the farms to help our parents and we helped the youth to plant trees.

Friday morning boom! JCE exams were out. I heard heart pumping and I could feel my blood flowing, I was afraid to find out if I made it to senior level or not.

Memory came running too with a smile on her face, then she said, while dancing, “Prisca, my sweet princess, we made it to senior class not only that girl, but with an A+ girl, we are just amazing!”

After hearing that I had never felt happier. Mom and dad rewarded us for our success, I was really proud of myself.

Monday morning I was all set for my new class, to say the truth, I didn’t sleep much last night, I thought if I slept I would be late for school. Memory and I we were early that day then we started sweeping the classroom, after some more minutes others joined us, form three was such a sweet class. I was getting good grades, and so was Memory.


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