Monday morning, all faces full of smiles, girls and boys ready for their new secondary life. I was really happy for my first day at secondary school. A bunch of new students gathered outside the school hall waiting to be told what to do, we were looking so lovely in our new school uniform.

After some time the school prefect called us to the school hall, there was an assembly where the head teacher welcomed us into the campus. We were then put in our different classes. I was allocated in Form one C. A girl sitting next to my desk turned and she said hello to me. I smiled at her. Her name was Memory Banda, she was tall, with short her and round eyes. She was beautiful. I introduced myself as well.

That instant we become friends, I liked my new friend more because she was just as talkative as me. We both wanted to become medical doctors. Memory was good in science subjects like physical science, biology and even mathematics. As for me, I was good in humanities like social studies, history and life skills.

We were really good friends helping one another towards success in our education. We passed good grades in form one, she was on position one and I was position three as were going in form two.


Tell us: Do you have a good friend that helps you succeed?