“I can’t believe that girl. She couldn’t face us? She had Sophia to do her dirty work! I never really liked her, I just pretended to.” Katie voiced out her frustrations when the girls got home. “The boys like us better and we’ll make good leaders doll,” she said. Lindsay just nodded in agreement.

Her heart was saying something else though. Annie had been so good to her; she took her in and treated her like a sister. Katie was being mean really. This wasn’t the Katie she knew, who was this girl? She thought to herself.

Lisa came back home from work and found the girls sitting in the lounge, watching a movie. She asked them how the sleep over at Annie’s was. The girls said it was fun, not knowing that Lisa knew the truth.

“Hey Linds, could you come here a sec?” Lisa asked to speak to Lindsay on the side. “Are you OK? You seem distant?”

“Uhm… No I’m fine. I just feel torn between Annie and Katie,” said Lindsay.

“Oh… anything else?”

Lindsay thought for a moment, hesitated, then answered, “No, nothing else, sis.”

There! Lisa had given her a chance to confess but she didn’t. Now she must face the consequences of her actions, thought Lisa as she watched Lindsay go back to the movie.

That night, Lindsay tossed and turned. She couldn’t sleep because she had a lot on her mind. She was in deep turmoil. She had received a call from Sophia, pleading with her to call Annie that instant, and apologise to her. Unfortunately Kate was there and she overheard the conversation.

“You can apologise first thing in the morning bestie. But for tonight, let’s rest. Goodnight,” Katie had advised.

Lindsay didn’t like the idea of apologizing for doing nothing wrong but her friend was hurting. She eventually agreed with Sophia. But now Lindsay couldn’t sleep though. She felt the need to call Annie at that instant. Instead she called Brian. She had decided to apologise first thing in the morning after all. Little did she know that she was late.

The girls were woken up by Lisa’s scream. They rushed to check on her in her room. Lisa was sitting on the bed with her eyes wide open and shock was written all over her face. Lisa couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Oh my God!” she just kept saying, staring at her phone.

“What is it, Lisa?” Lindsay asked concerned. “What’s wrong?”

“How could you Lindsay? Katie!?” Lisa was beside herself with anger. She was completely mortified that she just threw her phone on the bed to where Lindsay was now sitting on the edge of the bed.

Lindsay picked up the phone and her jaw fell open. It was a video of one of their swinger’s parties. But it was edited so that only Lindsay’s and Katie’s face showed. Lindsay went cold at the realisation of what was going on. Annielie!

This was her revenge. She had sent it to Lisa. Who else knew of this video, Lindsay thought to herself. What if she has posted it online? At the thought, Lindsay sank to the floor, thinking of her mother finding out this way.

The girls were tongue tied. Lisa was crying hysterically. The porn video was out there, but who else knew? Lindsay asked herself.


Let’s chat: Would you ever do what Annelie did to get your revenge? How else would you handle the tension?