Sophia decided to stay behind so that she’d talk to Lindsay and Katie. She saw a chance to do that when Brian want outside to get the car ready.

“Uhm… Girls, I need to talk to you,” said Sophia walking to them. “It’s about Annie,”

She immediately got the girl’s attention. They nodded for her to continue.

“Oh… OK, so Annie hasn’t been herself lately. I’m sure you’ve noticed,”

“Ja, is she OK?” asked Lindsay sounding concerned.

“Uhm… She told me that you guys are stealing her lime light. No one pays her attention anymore, her suggestions are pushed aside now while yours are top priority,”

“Err… Annie is just being a snob!” Katie blurted out laughing.

“You need to remember that she’s the leader of this group and you’re not. Please stop what you’re doing. You will split this group up!” said the worried Sophia.

“Whoah! What we’re doing!” said Katie sarcastically. “Anyway she’s moody. Maybe she’s preggies!” she laughed so loud that Sophia was silently shocked. Sophia looked to Lindsay.

“Maybe Sophia is right. We should step down Kate. She’s the leader after all,” said Lindsay contemplating.

“She’s been in this for too long and it’s time for her to leave it to us. The freshers,” then she turned to Sophia. “Tell her to accept the situation. She needs to retire now,” laughed Katie.

Sophia couldn’t believe her ears. She looked at Lindsay again, hoping, she could see the grave seriousness of the situation in her eyes. When Katie saw that Lindsay was at a loss for words, she turned to her friend.

“Oh please bestie. You know we have full power to eliminate her. This group needs a new leader and that’s you! Forget Annie!” said Katie as she took her bag outside.

“Yeah… Kate is right. It’s time for a new leader babe. Tell Annie that if she has an issue, I’ll give her a tissue,” said Lindsay as she went out too.


Annie couldn’t believe her ears when she heard the report.

“What? That’s pathetic! These girls are snakes! How could they insult me like that! They will pay for this!” sobbed Annie.

“Maybe we should talk to Lindsay alone… without Katie there, maybe Katie is the poison here!” pleaded Sophia.

She loved Lindsay dearly and she knew that Annie could destroy her. She didn’t want to be caught between them. This war was going to be dirty and she wanted nothing to do with it. She just wanted peace.

“No! Lindsay has made her choice. She chose to side with that bitch, Katie. They will pay dearly and they are the ones who will need tissues!” said Annie angrily.

“Oh… ok uhm… I need to go home now. Call me when you need anything. I’m sorry it had to come to this,” said Sophia as she got up to leave.

“I’ll walk you out,” said Annie as she got up.

When Sophia left, Annie made the last arrangements for her plot.


Let’s chat: Why do you think Katie is acting like this? Is Lindsay ready to lead the group?