The day ended really fast and the group decided to head over to Brian’s place for the night. Lindsay had lied once again to Lisa. She told her that she and Katie were going to Annie’s house. Lisa was really getting worried about the sleep overs, it was strange that Annelie had never slept over at her apartment but Lindsay always slept over at Annie’s.

She called Amanda to ask if the girls were OK and if they needed any assistance in terms of finance.

“Hey Mandy… it’s Lisa. How are you?” Lisa was determined to act cool.

“Oh hey Lisa. I’m okay…” Amanda was caught off guard by Lisa’s call.

“I hope the girls aren’t giving you trouble. I can just imagine how it must be to have three teenage girls roaming around the house,” she said laughing.

“The girls are cool but they’re not here. Thank God for that. They are over at Brian’s and they’ll be spending the night there. They haven’t had a sleep over in two weeks!”

“Oh Hahaha. I knew that! Uhm… Have a good night then Mandy. Thanks for everything,”

“Thanks for checking up on me, hey,” said Amanda casually.

Lisa was furious! The girls had been lying all along! She was irritated and worried. She knew nothing about this sleep over or about any others that the girls have had for the past two weeks. She needed to do a little digging.


“Linds, we need to talk,” Brian said when she finally got a moment to speak to Lindsay alone.

“Sure, what’s up?” said Lindsay moving away from where she standing with Katie and a group of guys.

It’s about Annelie,” Brian started. “She…”

“Hey, you two will be tangled up together all night, I’m sure whatever you want to speak about can wait,” said Katie pulling Lindsay back to the group of boys.

“Be careful…” Brian tried to warn her, but he also was being pulled to a group of girls on the other end of the room.

Annelie was eyeing Lindsay and Katie with fierce eyes. All the guys seemed to want them and not her. She was so angry and jealous that she excused herself and went to the bathroom to cry. Sophia followed her.

“Babe… you need to tell them how you feel. You can’t keep abusing yourself like this. I hate what the guys are doing too,” said the worried Sophia.

“No! You don’t get it. It’s those bitches! They are taking over Sophia! I hate them so much. I have to stop them! And I know how!” spat Annie.

Sophia gave up and left the bathroom, shaken. But she managed to pull her act together and got back to what her friends were doing. Annie cleaned herself up and followed her. She too, pretended as if nothing was wrong, yet she was plotting in her head.

The rest of the night went by quickly and without drama. Everyone woke up early the next morning to clean up. Brian’s parents were coming back home later that afternoon. Most of the group left before 12 midday, including Annie. She needed to plot her plan accurately; she didn’t want anyone suspecting anything… not even Sophia.


Let’s chat: What do you think Annelie plotting to do?