She’s in a taxi to town while he’s already in Summerstrand. Now she feels guilty that she has to take another taxi from town to Summerstrand when time is not on her side.

Why do I always have to be late? she asks herself.

She starts talking to the guy on WhatsApp while the taxi driver searches for passengers like a person who has lost his shoe. The guy is understanding. He even mentions that her taxi will probably start to drop people at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in North End since there is a soccer match. He thinks it’s the taxi that’s delaying. He has no idea that she was late from home.

These taxis are always late anyway, she defends herself.

In a taxi to Summerstrand, she texts him asking where they should meet up.

At The Boardwalk, he responds.

She gets off the taxi and crosses the busy road. Roads are always busy in Summerstrand, especially on Saturdays. She’s usually scared of crossing busy roads, but today she’s not.

There he is…her brain alerts her.

They greet each other, and she gives him a warm hug. He looks a little nervous. She has a thing for guys who are shy at first, but she is hoping that he’s not going to be shy the whole date.

“Can I hold your bag for you?” he asks.

“Yes, thank you,” she replies.

They walk while conversing.

“I was praying that you don’t wear smart casual because I would’ve felt underdressed,” she says.

“No, you look beautiful,” he giggles.

She smiles, and they take a walk around The Boardwalk. They end up going to the Magic Company, which is an indoor amusement park, and they play racing cars, screaming and yelling at the accidents they are making. She takes a moment to reflect when her car finally finds a smooth road.

This is so much fun, she thinks to herself, more fun than I had expected for a first date.

They finally leave the Magic Company, and he asks if she would like to go to the cinema.

I’ve never been to the cinema before, she thinks to herself before responding. “Yeah sure. I’d love to.”

They look at the movies and they both decide on Aquaman. They get inside the Nu Metro, and they notice that the movie they have chosen will play at quarter past five, and the time is now half-past three.

“Do you mind going to a club just to pass time?” he asks.

No one’s ever taken me to a club before, she thinks to herself.

“OK, no problem.” She acts like she’s been to a club before. She notices how much she loves the way he suggests ideas instead of insisting. He’s a true gentleman. She smiles.


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