I saw his car by the gate and wondered if he knew I was coming. I remember he had his way of finding me like the last time I went out with my friends without telling him or even posting on my social networks, yet he called and told me he would come pick me up around 20:00 at Umhlanga. And it wasn’t his first time doing that nonsense. That made my sis even more sure that this guy was a psycho.

When I got close to the car he was with a girl, but not his baby mama. I went straight into the police station.

“Where are you now?” I asked when he called.

“I’m actually by KFC, waiting for you.”

I just laughed and he knew that I saw him and he ended the call.

When I went out the girl was walking down the street. I walked faster to catch up with her, Thulani was staring at me from the car.

“Hey, I’m Sam, you look so beautiful.” I said.

Thulani called me and tried apologising, but this time I refused to listen. I told myself that I was done with him. After I hung up on him, he called several more times, but I just ignored him. He respected my wishes and didn’t come bring drama to my house and our only connection was through calls and texts, which I ignored.

A few days later I lost my phone and I lost contact with Thulani. I was still mad at him but I wouldn’t go a night without thinking about him, but months passed without hearing anything from him or even seeing him. I finally accepted that we were over.

Months after our breakup I found an old book with phone numbers while I was cleaning my room. As I was paging through the book I saw Thulani’s number. I assumed it was my high school friend’s number and texted it, only to find out that it was my ex Thulani. I didn’t mind talking to him. A long time had passed and I thought we were both mature enough to deal with what had happened.

We spoke for few days and things were going OK.

One day I went out with my friends and one of them bought me a gift. I posted it on my status. Thulani called me and yelled at me and swore at me, saying I was a bitch and he demanded to know who gave me all those gifts.

I just didn’t understand his anger because we were not even dating. I just let him be and the following day he called to say sorry for getting angry for no reason. He asked to take me out for a walk on the beach, just to say sorry. I agreed and he came to pick me up.

I was happy to see him and he looked happy to see me too, but a lot had changed about him. He was skinny, like someone who smoked.

“You’re still beautiful as ever.”

“And you look so different,” I said while hugging him.

“I missed that,” he said and let go of me.

He drove so fast and on our way to the beach.

“I thought we are going to the beach?” I asked confused.

“Yes, we are, but I need to pick up something at home so that when we come back from the beach I won’t go home.”

We stopped at the shop and he bought my favourite juice and ice cream. We got to his place and he parked and waited for me to come out.

“I’ll stay. You can go and take whatever you need then we can go.” I said

“Come on, I need your help,” he said.

I sighed and followed him to his room.


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