At exactly 13:00 I was outside the supermarket where he worked. I hid and I could see him come out alone. Just as I was about to sigh in relief, a car stopped in front of him and a sexy woman got out. She had curves in the right places and she knew how to dress herself and by the look of her car, she could afford it.

“Where is my food?” she asked as my husband bent forward and kissed her. I felt the death of another part of my heart.

“She didn’t cook any today, I am sorry baby,” he even had a wronged type of look on his face.

“Then she can leave your house, what is she staying for if not to cook and clean and wash?” her words felt like blows to my heart.

“Let’s wait until you give birth before going to my mom. Plus, if she leaves, who will cook your worms for you?”

I couldn’t breathe. By the time he finished, the thought of staying his wife gave me gas so I walked over to them.

“Well, I guess you will have to find someone anyway, coz I am not cooking at all,”

You should have seen their faces when I walked over. Then I handed the container in my hands to the woman.

“I guess this is yours,” I told her with a smile, then I turned to my husband with the fake smile still on my face. “I came to give you your worms because you seemed upset you couldn’t bring them to work today. And now I know why. Anyway, I will go pack my old-looking clothes and be out of our house by tonight,”

I left and I was so proud for not shedding the tears in front of them. Though I started crying when I entered the door, I was still proud they didn’t see.

He came home an hour after me and started begging for forgiveness. He told me how he was just using her for her money as she was a doctor. I didn’t believe him of course, so I left. I later registered with Unisa and started studying. I told myself that if I found out a man is cheating on me I would never do what I did then. I would love myself first and I would respect myself enough to leave right after I found out. Because the truth is, if a person loves you he would never do something he knows will hurt you.


Tell us: Have you ever been cheated on? How did you find out about it?