In the morning, at around 5a.m, I read her good night text.

“Have lovely, wonderful, funny, and sweet dreams. Goodnight, and enjoy your sleep. Until we chat again tomorrow,” the message said.

Since I started dating, I had never in my entire life received that kind of message. She agreed when I asked her to meet, but I thought she was just saying it. As we were supposed to meet, she postponed it to another week, but I was not surprised. Every girl loves being begged, and they want us to be patient with them.

All my ex-girlfriends brought nothing but pain and sorrow into my life. I thought I was cursed and I would die without finding the one for me. As a result, none of those girls would blame me when I say, “If you don’t want to say girls, feel welcome to say devil”.

The date on which we agreed to meet arrived, and I did not believe it when she said she was coming. It was on a Friday, five days after my payment at work. I told myself that she would not get a cent from me because I knew she would think I was her bank or something. I was not going to swim in the ocean directly when I could not even swim in the river.

“How far are you?” I asked via SMS.

“I’m about to arrive home,” she responded.

“But I thought you were coming,” I said. I was very frustrated, but I was not surprised because she was the ocean and I could not swim.

“No, I can no longer see you because something came up,” she responded.

“Like, are you serious?” I asked.

“Yep,” she responded.

“Okay,” I said.

I was very confused at the time, until a few minutes later, when I received an SMS. “Where are you now? Can we meet at Takkie Town?” she asked.

“Okay, I will be there within five minutes,” I responded.

I was surprised because she had said she was going home. I thought I was dreaming, and that she was playing games with me, so I just stood there thinking whether I should go to see if she was really telling the truth or not.

“How far are you now?” she asked in another SMS, and that was when I believed she was telling the truth. I then started running as fast as I could. I did not respond to her message, I just ran, and when I got there, I found her.

“Wow!” I thought. “I do not know what to say to her. Should I start by asking her surname, because I do not remember what she said her surname was? Or should I start by asking her how her day was? But she already told me.”

I was silently talking to myself, and I was very shy, even while both of us were laughing. But I then noticed that she was also shy.

“What would you like to eat?” I asked, full of fake pride because I was hiding my shyness. I did not know why I was saying it, though, because what if she was too expensive?

“Anything,” she responded while going into one of the cheapest Hyper Markets.

I just followed her into the Hyper Market, and she took only two things: a juice called Capsay and a packet of Simba chips. After that, we walked around for ten minutes. I then realised that my first notice was right, she was also shy, so I decided to add some yogurt and chocolate. I still remember how much my first date with her cost, and it was R58,85.

After the date, we went to our new taxi rank that had cost R30 Million, but now our government says it is failing.

“You never told me lot about you,” I said.

“What do you wanna know?” she asked with a little gorgeous smile.

“Your surname and where you came from,” I said while opening the yogurt.

“I’m Happy, and I’m from Dzwerani,” she responded and laughed.

We then chatted a lot and had a lot of fun. Throughout the time, she never asked me for money. When we were supposed to go, I felt like I did not spend enough time with her, even though we talked for 3 hours. I enjoyed that day, but I do not know if she also felt the same way. We then continued chatting though all social media, and her being offline was torture to me.

She later opened the stage for me and said that, if I could make her happy everyday she will be mine. I thought it was a challenge, so I accept it, and one date then lead to another.

There was this other time when we were supposed to meet but it was raining. I realised that she would not make it anymore, so I decided to do my chores. I was busy when I saw an SMS from her saying she was at Thohoyandou. It was huge surprise fro me, so I did not bath. I just changed into my clothes and hurried to meet her. All along the way, I told myself that she was the one for me.

Truly, I had found her, and she became Mrs Munyai Happy to me. She was the ocean and her wave of love flooded me.


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