I never thought I would ever be flooded by the wave of love again, because I could not swim after I nearly died from the flood of the river the last time. I did not even know what to say, because things happened as fast as A, B, C, D.

It all started when I was working as a sales agent. I saw a beautiful, or should I say gorgeous, girl. Actually, you can use any word that is more powerful to describe the cutest thing you have ever seen with your eyes to describe her. It was around 12pm, on August 20, 2020. We were at Thohoyandou, next to our biggest Hyper Market, when she walked past me. I stopped her to tell her about the policy I was selling, and she was wearing a blue jumpsuit, a white t-shirt with a green tie, and a light brown jacket

“I’m still under age,” she said and continued walking.

“No! Any person over 12 years is allowed to join our policy,” I said, running after her and grabbing her school bag.

“Ok! I already joined it a few minutes ago at the bank. So can you let go of my bag, I’m in hurry,” she said with a sweat voice that sounded like fresh honey from a bee.

“My sister, I don’t want to talk about the policy. Please, I just want to say your dress is nice and it suits you. Please, can you say thanks, it will mean a lot to me,” I said while trying to take off her mask so I can see her face.

“Thanks! Don’t take off my masks, did you forget about Corona?” she asked.

“Sorry! Can I get your number? Please don’t make me kneel down for it, because I will,” I said while kneeling down.

“No! Don’t. You’re attracting unnecessary attention,” she said while holding my hand so I would not kneel, and taking my phone.

“Should I call it now? I want to check if its working and if you did not give me the numbers for the abortion clinic,” I said.

“You can, but my phone is off, and on my WhatsApp profile pic, I put a little girl. So can I go now?” she asked while pointing at where she was going.

“I did not even ask her name. So what should I save it as? Anyway, I will name it Hyper Market so that I can remember her,” I thought to myself after she was gone.

Two days later, we started chatting on Social media. Our chat started being interesting day by day, and it became special the day she sent a good night SMS. I will not forget that SMS. I know it like the back of my hand, and it has become the lens of my eyes. I do not know how I fell asleep that night because we were still busy enjoying our chat, and my point was to ask her how we could meet again.


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