All the animal presidents are at the world parliament, holding each other’s throats from great panic, some even punching and kicking one another while still in their black suits. Security guards intervened.

Gary the eagle, the scientist’s spokesperson and Gibeon’s associate, flew in and grabbed the mike from the middle stage. The house grew silent. “Where is Ferguson?”

Some officials demanded a response too: “Yeah! Where is John Ferguson?” Gary took his time to look at everyone before answering. “John Ferguson is not coming today!” the black eagle took a deep breath while the house exploded. “Humans are still out there and they are looking forward to taking their revenge against every being. Now there’s no need to kill each other when there’s an enemy’s waiting to kill us!” he said.

The house was still at large “We would have killed that species a long time ago if it wasn’t for your master!” The ruling did not even take place because of the prosperous politicians who would not listen to a speech against the man who brought evolution upon them in the first place.

The media confronted Aaro walking towards his prestigious car. “It’s been months since we last heard from John Ferguson; do you have any idea where he is? Is he still in Joy City?” the reporters asked.

Aaro responded: “We are still not getting answers from Gibeon, but I’ll let you know if anything comes up!” the roach entered his vehicle, also wondering why the great scientist didn’t show up.

Gibeon was at the laboratory viewing the half man and half Darden specimen floating inside his glassy chamber. The machine radar escalated from 50% to 51% before him.

Tom was floating against gravity before Orkold, who was registering the latest results in his documents. Tom vanished from his room to join Orkold outside. “I have never had such a quick student!” Orkold said, taken by surprise.

“We humans have an urge to study and learn something new. I can’t wait for my next lesson!” whooped Tom playfully.

Orkold was serious: “Don’t forget we had six injections which were all stolen from Godevo to prevent his evil plan of coming here to terrorise Dormend. His sword still remains as the only part of him with the Dardens’ life blood!” he said, handing over the five remaining injections to Tom. “He has taken it upon himself to become one of us and he will have a double advantage coming here as a Grounder, so you’re the closest warrior available to defeat his strength” he said.

The crew time-travelled to sixty-five million years ago when the dinosaurs stood tall in the sunny sky. Tom was armed with his sword and new guns when they teleported into the shady jungle. He stood firm looking at a feeding T-rex. The monster stopped devouring a Triceratops after catching sight of Tom beside his smallest alien friends.

Standing not far from its dead prey, the T-rex turned its head. Tom was not intimidated when he could feel the sand blow away from his boot. The courageous animal preyed on him, stretching its two feet like a chicken with a burning egg. Tom blocked his stand with a shield of fire, the T-rex lost its footing, frightened by the blazing man, then raised itself up to run for it. The T-rex jumped mountains struck by lightning, and during its descent, it was crying from a great amount of pain as the distressed predator curved the long trees in its path. Finally the distressed animal saw its cave and was running towards it very much alert. In a split second, Tom kicked its head from the side and killed the T-rex with one blow.

“It’s time to go before we cause unwanted attention!” Lorden’s voice said. From the sky, Tom looked on as a young T-rex came out from the den to bemoan its dead mother. In fear, it ran back to the cave after a short stay.

At a local bar back in Dormend, the crew enjoyed the first kill by Tom, tossing the fried meat in the air. The Dardens were impressed when Niane drew his Sai knives and sliced the T-rex meat with quick blades that sliced through the air.

Tom sat on top of a street pole that evening with his foot set against the edge. Lorden shortly joined him, seeing that something was bothering the lonely man. “It must be about that young fellow back there!” he said, looking up at Tom.

“I feel responsible for his mothers’ death!” said Tom, looking at the disappearing sun.

“I guess not all the Grounders have selfish love. You are the right man for the job” Lorden said and left Tom alone with his thoughts. Tom continued to sit alone until his pole lit a bulb.

The next morning, the dead dinosaur was gone when Tom revisited the spot where he had killed the T-rex’s mother. Tom threw down a fish of his size and waited for the young one to come out while he laid low patiently on the cave top.

The young T-rex came out, uncertain about its free meal lying next to its cave. Eventually, it made its run to go and steal the fish. Tom rose up, whirling his rope like a cowboy and encircled the young one’s throat. The T-rex tried to run back to the cave, but Tom kept his position on top of the animal. The terrified junior finally gave up after running against rocks, trying to lose Tom. The dinosaur was hurt and fell to the ground, breathing hard. “I can feel your pain” said Tom. “Please let me heal you” as he came down towards the neck, feeling the dragon skin against his palms.

The dinosaur gained momentum as the wounds healed; it was emotionally calm, opening its relaxed eyes from a swift step-up. “Don’t worry boy, I’m your only friend now!” said Tom, tagging its huge physique. Soon the two walked peacefully together as giants feared the mighty Tom and his T-rex friend. He taught the young predator how to hunt and healed it wounds after every hunt. The T-rex grew its confidence with such an advantage and wrestled bigger prey without fear.

Joy City is shutting down every business and school; residents looked at the giant army troops making their way across the streets. It was now two days from the planned human invasion.

Luigi, the president of Manhattan, gave Aaro a wireless phone call which Aaro viewed on the big flat screen placed against his office wall.

Luigi: “My country is in a panic right now and I need your best men fighting for us!” the desperate fat pig was surrounded by random animals looking for some hope. “Everyone, friend and partner, even our government, have turned their backs on us. Please help us, brother!” he begged.

Aaro responded. “You know I don’t make the final decisions in the back yard of John Ferguson. Sorry, but unfortunately we will have to wait for his associates’ response!” The roach, from his seat, terminated the call.

Aaro rose from his office chair to look at the beautiful construction work going on outside his glassy walls. The Pain Gang walked in without a knock on the door.

Daisy ran to the office chair and made it spin. “Next year, come election, you should step down Mr President!”

Sticks grabbed the remote to watch the big screen. “Doesn’t this thing have cartoons on it?”

James rearranged the fruit display on top of the table, making it a mess.

Master Pain said, “As a farewell to our lives tonight, we’re hosting a life time party. Care to join us?” he strolled over to Aaro at the window to view the mountainous buildings of Joy City.

The day finally came when Porto said goodbye to their warriors. Men kissed their kids and wives, they took roses and the last photographs, ties fell and goodbyes followed them. They flew, taking a co-ordinated line up according to Blade’s command. Ken stood on top of the flat castle roof. Shortly, Gabriel rode her Indian leopard into the crowd to bid farewell to her king.

“I don’t know how you feel about me trying to take over his state” asked Ken, while the huge cat breathed next to his head.

Gabriel said: “I heard him say he had given up on the city a long time ago. However, I’m not sure about a certain bear that has served us for many years. He will be worthy of your attention” she said, both of them looking at the human formation.

“Gibeon is sure of himself as the new ruler of Joy City” the leopard said as they all laughed along.

Ken swiftly turned to the leopard, brushing its fur in devotion until it chose a seat. Gabriel went to her kings’ arm, both of them staring into each other’s eyes before a kiss. He had a bothering thought. “I’m sure I felt someone behind me being teased about our kiss!”

“Well,” said Gabriel, “he’s no longer here so that means it’s now you, me…the world!” leaning her head over to the verge of falling backwards, then rolled back from those strong arms to give a last quick kiss to her mighty king.

Ken returned her queen back to her ride as the leopard rose back up. He walked a few yards before stepping over the edge of his castle. Gabriel waved her goodbye to his shadow as Ken took to his wings below the clouds, followed by thousands and thousands of human birds.

The mountain surface broke apart from beneath, as living machines with human faces raced away from Porto, running down the abandoned camp where Gibeon had last set refuge. A thousand Cobos, each trying to own the road from the wild to their forgotten cities.