A trillion miles away from Earth breathed the spirit world, Dormend, where the aliens were in panic mode. Invisible to the human eye, Godevo had discovered their planet.

Streets flamed from burning oil in the city, stores closed due to looting civilians running around with stolen food, at street corners violinists held on to their octo-bass and played the Titanic theme song to the sinking planet. Everybody screamed out “Godevo!” Babies cried from abandoned pram strollers; hospital patients ran away to die at home.

Like us they shared a common lifestyle, but today it’s the end of their world. Godevo has discovered the Dardens. But hope is not lost, as Dardens have heroes too, namely Dandy, Niane, and Lorden. From their battered army truck, the three warriors waved across the crowded streets.

Six scientists accompanied them from the front doors as reporters welcomed them outside the University of Holens. Orkold, the genetics physician, put up a fight closing the door then attended to the guests, adjusting his spectacles and looking quite flattered.

“This way please!” he said. The warriors, clothed in black robes, trailed the scientist who had a passion for mammoth walls.

The front projector displayed an empty space filled with stars as they chose to sit near the back of the dark lecture hall. In the beginning there was space, planet Dormend exited from a black hole. Stacked together and confused, the first Darden life came from the same black hole. Dormend still stands to its initial transection and holds special supremacy, bearing powers that can shape the universe.

Early lives teem with tiny stars emerging from black holes to enjoy a lonely dance. The fun went on until an enormous dinosaur sighting flew across the galaxy; all and sundry put up their heads, communicating in broken language. Dardens inspected their flashy bodies to examine similarities with such life.

For centuries altered creatures would fill the sky, parlayed the drowning mortals, the first human being shaped the heavens. Dardens named us ‘Grounders’, and these quotes are still found inside caves. Regardless – ships, books, vehicles, cell phones, and other human inventions have now flooded the Cosmos.

Dardens used force to organise objects from the sky, a massive change was to be itemised by the largest microscope sucked onto Dormend. Invented by an evil scientist, claiming his name to be John Ferguson.

Dardens, by law, awarded Orkold the right to keep in position due to his activities that proved him and his team valuable.

Challenging days brought them to huge discoveries as Dardens lined up for eternity to get a sight of Earth and its life. They built the first house studying a human inhabitant. Referring to their archived documents, Orkold engineered a car with his team, and became enthusiastic when a Darden drove it into the crowd.

Dormend had no time before towers were built with a 24-hour timepiece. Positioned to Earth, Dardens built the University of Holens that hails the golden microscope beyond.

All discoveries from Earth were studied by Orkold. They even built animal robots for pet-keeping just so they remained relevant. Anything that took place on Earth was preserved for news channels. When the Great War began, streets were empty, subdued by the long lasting battle between man and beast.

Since then, Dardens engaged in on-going protests across the streets with boards that read: “We want human change” and “Build us flying cars!” One night, all hell broke loose when Godevo got his eye on the next biggest microscope, and shared the lens with Orkold from Dormend.

Clear planes showed along the countryside of Porto and Joy City. In his flight, Tom touched the dreadful sand running towards Gabriel. In her long white dress, she ran across a green patch as birds flew away from her path to fade in the sunshine. They reduced distance before collision and then stopped to embrace each other. Tom had his hands threaded through Gabriel’s hair before claiming her lips. Eye to eye they paused for some time; she accepting his new physique with a lusty smile. Leaning towards her soft touch, she stroked his face and slowly swept her arm down to his neck, anticipating his furry waist with both hands; she shared a long kiss with her beloved.

Tom saw Ferguson’s main aggressors coming towards them. He looked back at Gabriel’s shining eyes. She sadly tried to hold back his hand as it slipped away. Tom backed a few yards, seizing the aggressors then turned against their path. Holding on to her dress, she chased him, waving a hand. “Take me with you!”

At a sudden yell by a lone fleer, Tom spread his vast wings and flew away. Gabriel ceased her chase and fell to her knees looking at the sky with a tear as the doc’s army passed down a shady theatre.

Next to her, John Ferguson came to a standstill, both of them looking in the direction of the coordinated attack.

“We’re leaving Joy City tonight,” he said, dismayed.

Gabriel bowed her head and looked sadly at the mountains.

Joy City has become the future. Vehicles wind above ground as imagined, time travels rapidly at the quick hands of evolved species working together for a superior era. Every building ranks high and glossy gold. Earth looks young again as Joy City hosts new dragons across the sky.

Roads are wired from mid-air for motor dilution while the ground is occupied on foot. The Pain Gang pursue the traffic, heedless with shades. Four machine bikers make their way from the morning streets, edge to edge they ride off with painted black jackets on their back which reads P from the boss, noshing a mouth stick to the last fat rat that has N on its back.

Ken the king sits alone on the throne next to his crown set on a wooden table. Sunk deep in his thoughts, until Blade broke the silence from behind: “The fun has begun, brother!” Happy to have him know, Ken bent his head.

Through the beauty of centuries, the king got his royal dress arranged inside his castle as servants ran behind checking his hair, face make up, taking out his old shirt, giving him fresh fur; all without touching his crown. Ken rejected what was not appropriate to his look and walked out to embrace the boisterous crowd beneath. Defused for gladiators at the battle arena, the chauffeur cried from the host’s mouth in the company of his guards.

Ken took a seat whilst his brother stood not far away. Flocks of human birds flew in and sat for some spectacular event, the battle field was caged for when the monster was unleashed.

“Ooh! Tonight we have an ever-unpleased guest,” the host said. From the top, the oversized desert scorpion was brought from a dark hole to the gates of men. The scorpion quickly roamed around towards the entrance of its opponent as the crowd erupted with excitement.

“Everybody please welcome Scissor!” The rebel received applause. “64 wins on his belt!” “Okay, you all know the rules. If anyone is found guilty of a crime against the law of Porto, the prisoner will plead not guilty before death, and hopefully slay the beast presented to him. If he manages to kill it, he will be given 24 hours to leave Porto or be executed on sight.” The black scorpion ventured, impatient, downhill.

“Will the prisoners receive their freedom once more? Let’s see them fight for it.” The winds roared across the spectators as the sun never rises or falls in Porto.


John Ferguson walks around with ancient robes, crafted with sharp steel brass on the edges. His home is elevated above all, an everlasting point for lightning strikes. He invented the Sword of Life that lies always on his back, its blade gleaming with a blue chemical reaction, its handle reads GODEVO. With folded hands, he stood on his porch to view the nigh dark clouds.

Gibeon joined him at his side. “They’re still out there!” he said. “I have different paths to conquer, and no one will stop me!” said the great ape.


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