Counter Crime Security had a legal firm representing them and Major was advised to contact the firm. Max Chandler was assigned to handle his matter. His main priority was to get Major out on bail, which he did not find difficult as the investigating officer and the state did not oppose it. The court granted Major free bail and the matter was postponed for thirty days by the honourable judge Johan Coetzee.

While the case was pending, Elandsfontein Truckers’ management were hard at work, trying to figure out how the intruders managed to do so much damage without triggering the alarm. According to internal investigations, it had been confirmed that the alarm but didn’t go off when the intruders came. It was triggered when Major ran away to seek help. No damage was visible on all four beams. It was clear that there was foul play in this whole issue, but from which angle?

The beams that had been out of order were the ones at the back of the yard. The question now was, when had the beams started malfunctioning and how did the intruders know of their condition?

“We have to call the specialists to determine the nature of the malfunction and confirm whether this was a matter of wear and tear only or if there was tempering,” proposed Dual Brown.

“Indeed you are right. I am going to get the reaction company to remove the faulty beams, but I suggest that in the interim the guarding division should be instructed to provide us with two more armed guards and make sure that this place is under constant patrol.”

Dual Brown wasted no time and called Raymond Clark, the manager of Counter Crime Security Services, to arrange for extra guards. He also requested for courtesy patrol from the reaction department.

The beams were tested and the specialist found that they were tempered with. It had to be an inside job. But who was the culprit? Out of a desire to keep the client happy, Raymond Clark had to find the culprit. He interrogated the shift supervisor who was on duty and accused him of being part of the criminals. The supervisor had removed a guard from his post and posted him somewhere else.

“I can’t understand how the hell the intruders knew that the alarm was faulty, and at the same time you happened to get rid of one guard,” said the furious Raymond.

He called for the services of the company conducing polygraph test and both Major and his supervisor passed the test. At the same time Elandsfontein Truckers management were conducting their own investigation. They hired a special investigator who gave the employees on duty that day a polygraph. Three of their employees failed the test. Dual Brown suspended the three with immediate effect. Before releasing the men to go home, he sent four men along with the foreman to their home to search for anything which might link them directly to the crime. But unfortunately his men came back with nothing.

The following day Dual Brown called of Alfonso Human and briefed him about the progress. Human contacted the company’s legal advisor for input, and he was met with a discouraging reply.

“Mr Alfonso, you sure do not wish to face any litigation, especially one you saw coming. South African law does not recognize the results from a polygraph test as the sole grounds with which a person can be prosecuted. I would like you to reinstate the suspended employees before they seek legal help,” said the legal advisor.

Max Chandler asked the investigating officer to please find out the residential address of the deceased and see if he can determine who his accomplices were.

“Maybe we might strike it lucky and get to crack the confession out of them,” said Max to detective Phillip Coleman.

“That is a good idea, Mr Chandler, I will go to the mortuary to find out who claimed the corpse.”

Detective Coleman, along with two other investigating officers, attended the night vigil held ahead of the burial of the deceased. People who knew the deceased were given the opportunity to talk about his life and how they knew him. One gentleman took to the podium and spoke of his relationship with the deceased.

“He was a hustler. He taught me lots and lots of tricks. Today I can proudly say I am also a hustler; I am able to live like anyone who is working and even much better. I am deeply touched by his death, he died in my presence. I have lost a brother, a friend and a mentor. I say to his family, may God bandage the wounds caused by his sudden departure from this world. He died like a soldier, in the line of duty.” He said sobbing, then left the podium with the help of his friends.

The investigating officers had recorded the proceedings and had now found their man. They called him aside and introduced themselves before arresting him. They went with him to his place and searched it. They found one truck battery and a twenty litre drum full of diesel. The man told of his other three accomplices. More stolen goods were confiscated from their houses. He immediately opted to turn state witness and offered his full cooperation. He made a confession and signed a statement.


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