Now the day came for me to go back to Johannesburg. My cousin James came to pick us up at 6 a.m. to drop us at the bus station. He left immediately after we said our goodbyes. So as me and granny were waiting for the bus, she asked me how long have I been dating my boyfriend; whether he’ll cheat on me when I’m on the other side or not and will he remember me always…

Yeah, so many questions at the same time. But since she’s the only person I can talk to and it’s the last time I’ll be spending with her until we meet again in December, why not use this opportunity?

“It’s been three years that we’ve been dating and I am sure he won’t cheat on me because everyone in his hood knows me and his family and friends assured me that no girl will take my place,” I said.

“I hope you won’t cheat on him because he sounds like a nice guy and I can hear wedding bells already!” she said, laughing.

“No granny, I won’t cheat on him. I love him too much,” I confessed.

“That makes me happy to hear you say that. Soon I will have a grandson in-law and great grandchildren.” She said.

I love this crazy granny of mine! I thought.

The bus arrived. Snap! I was still enjoying talking to my grandma. This was the last time seeing her until December. We said our goodbyes and I got in the bus. I was missing her already! I slept a lot during the trip, so basically there was nothing to tell…


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