My granny is not like my mom at all. I am free to talk to her about whatever I want, whereas for my mom it’s different, she would have shouted and said all kinds of things that I don’t like. Then she wonders why I don’t talk to her!

I tried calling my boyfriend but his phone was off. So I sent him a message. After what seemed like four hours I called again, this time it was ringing. As usual it rang once and he answered.

I told him what my granny had said, he laughed and apologized that he wouldn’t be able to come because of the rain. If it wasn’t for this rain he would’ve come because he always talked about meeting my family since I already met his family.

The fact that he didn’t come made my granny sad. So to cheer her up we talked about him and his family all night as I was packing for the big trip on Friday. At that moment I wished that this could have been me and my mom talking about him and laughing. You know how every girl wish to have a mother-daughter relationship. Well unfortunately for me, that’s what I don’t have with her.


Tell us: Do you think he should have come even if it rained?