When I get to Missy’s place, I find the gate open, and it looks like they have a gathering or party of some sort. I then park outside and walk in. When I get into the yard, I spot a group of little girls playing and chasing each other around the soccer pitch. The adults are in a corner, sipping champagne and nibbling on some snacks, so I walk over to them. But, Missy spots me before anyone else does, and I can see the surprise and anger on her face.

“Hello everyone,” I say, and they all respond in chorus “Hi”.

“Missy, may we talk?” I ask, politely. But, before we leave, a tall and thin brunette woman stands up, and I figure she must be Amy. “So, you’re the sorry excuse of a woman who engaged another woman’s wife?” I ask.

“And you’re the deadbeat mother who doesn’t even know what her child looks like,” she spits.

Amy and I are looking at each other eye to eye at this point, so Missy stands up. “Baby, please. I’ll handle her,” she says, calming Amy down.

“I’ll beat you up, girly,” I say.

“I’d love to see you try,” Amy responds.

I look at Amy’s thin body, and I almost feel sorry for what I’d do to her should we actually fight. After a while, Missy walks me away and we stand by the pool.

“How fickle your heart is, you even fall for things like her,” I say with a shrug.

“Don’t you dare disrespect my fiancé in her own house,” Missy shouts.

“Her own what? This is my house,” I yell.

“What do you want?” Missy asks.

“My child and wife. How the hell could you get engaged while still married to me?” I ask.

“I annulled our marriage. I cited the fact that you wanted to scam me,” Missy responds.

“How could you do that?” I stutter.

“Let’s face it, you never loved me,” Missy says.

“I love you. I love us,” I say, holding her hand.

While we are busy, a little girl comes running towards Missy. “Mommy! Can we play in my room?” she asks. She is coloured and has beautiful, curly hair.

“Amanda?” I ask, and the girl looks up at me with innocent eyes. She then holds her mother’s leg.

“Go play, sweety,” Missy says.

“Amanda, hey,” I say, kneeling down.

“Hi,” Amanda responds, smiling shyly.

“Whose party is this?” I ask.

“I asked mommy to host my friends and their parents,” Amanda responds.

“I guess I should’ve brought a gift, huh?” I ask, smiling.

“No, it’s not really a birthday party,” Amanda says with a shrug.

“Still, I owe you a gift,” I say, touching her cheek.

“You know what I want?” Amanda asks, coming closer to me.

“What?” I enquire.

“A Huge teddy bear. One I can sleep with. One that’s as big as me,” Amanda says, holding my shoulder.

“I owe you that. Give me a hug,” I say.

Before doing anything, Amanda looks at Missy, seeking approval. Missy nods, and her eyes are full of tears. When that happens, Amanda throws her hands around my neck. I hug her, and she smells of candy.

“Amanda. Come here,” Amy calls her.

I don’t know when the hell she got to us, so I just stand up. “What is it with you?” I ask her as Amanda runs towards her.

“Go play sweety,” Amy says to Amanda.

“That’s my daughter,” I shout as Amanda runs off.

“You don’t even know her birthday,” Amy yells.

“Please, you two!” Missy shouts, and she is almost in tears. “Leave, Silindile,” she says. I nod in response and, with my hands in my pockets, I walk away.


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