Lumko has been kind enough to buy me a few clothes. A lot, actually. His wife, on the other hand, is a housewife. In the morning, I take a bath and wrap a towel around myself, but as I start putting lotion on, his wife, Nikiwe, throws herself in without knocking, and she has a tray on her hands.

“Oh! Sorry! I didn’t think you’d be … naked,” Nikiwe apologises, putting the tray down and turning to walk out.

“Don’t be silly, I’m not naked,” I respond, laughing while walking towards her.

Before responding, Nikiwe turns away from me. “I should’ve knocked. You just didn’t come down for breakfast,” she says.

“It’s okay,” I respond. “Besides, what do I have that you don’t?” I continue, looking at her. She is really beautiful. She is dark skinned with an afro, and she has a slender and petite body. “Do you work out?” I ask, taking the tray and indulging myself in the English breakfast she had made.

“I do. Being a housewife, there’s nothing much to do,” Nikiwe responds, shrugging.

“I see,” I say, nodding while sipping the juice.

“You? You have a killer body too,” Nikiwe says, sitting down because she is now more comfortable.

“How could I have gained weight in jail?” I ask, laughing, and she giggles in response. “Has cousin left yet?” I ask.

“Yes. The girls too,” Nikiwe responds, then shrugs.

“So, it’s just me and you huh? I have to get a job to keep me sane,” I say, and she nods in response. “And I have to get my family back,” I add.

“Going somewhere?” Nikiwe asks after noticing the jeans and shirt I’ve laid on the bed.

“To see Missy,” I respond, nodding.

“I see, well then, good luck,” Nikiwe says, standing up.

“Nikiwe,” I call out as she leaves.

“Yes, Sli?” she responds, turning to face me.

“Thanks for breakfast,” I say, and she smiles politely then walks out.


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