After leaving the prison, I drive, and the first place I go to is my house. The first people I want to see are my wife and my now four year old daughter. My Lamborghini, on the other hand, still looks the same, and the engine still roars and attracts attention.

When I get home, I park outside what used to be my house. I wonder if Missy knows I am out, and if she does, then why did she not come to fetch me. A lot has changed in the area, yet a lot has remained the same. I then fix my suit, walk to the intercom and press it. No one answers on the other end, and when I try again, nothing happens. After trying again with the same results, I get back into my car and drive off to my cousin’s place, which is where I registered as my current address.

My cousin, Lumko, is actually a nice guy. He has a beautiful wife and two daughters, and he is an accountant and a family man. When I get there, his family welcome me with open arms.

“Cuz, I’ll be out of your hair soon,” I say to Lumko. We are sitting outside, drinking beer, and feasting on braai meat.

“Nonsense! You’re family. Besides, we don’t use the cottage,” Lumko responds.

“I just need to get my family back,” I say, sipping my beer.

“Man, maybe you need to forget about Missy,” Lumko says.

“What? No! I love her, and most of all, I love my daughter,” I say, taking a bite of the red meat.

“The thing is, she’s engaged,” Lumko says, then he sips his beer.

“Engaged?” I ask, standing up and shouting.

Lumko nods in response. “You should let her go,” he says, also standing up.

“Never! I’ll get my family back, come hell or high waters,” I say, then I grab the beer I’m drinking and walk to my cottage.

In the cottage, as I lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, I take out the picture I have of Missy and look at it. She is crazy if she thinks I’m going to let her go just like that, because she and my daughter are the reason I got out of that hellhole.


Tell us: Do you think Silindile should leave Missy alone, or if she should do something to get her back, even though it has been four years?