After a week of texting sweet nothings to her, L.J was dying to see Sharon again. Ndoda was house-sitting at his aunt’s house in Goodwood for the weekend. He gave L.J the keys. The house would be L.J’s for the day, to entertain Sharon.

Helen Joseph Ave. It’s da 3rd house on ur left, L.J texted her. Da 1 with a yellow letterbox on the g8.

Her reply was immediate and full of enthusiasm. Almost there. OMG! Can’t w8!

The pizza was delicious, conversation was flowing and the company was great. Silence fell every time they held hands and caught sight of each other. He wanted her and she wanted him. He panicked. He’d never made such progress with a girl before.

“When are you going to kiss me, L.J?” she abruptly asked before he could say something stupid. His heart began to race, and his breath quickened.

He slowly put his hand on her thigh and stroked it softly. She frowned slightly as if he was asking, if it was the right thing to do. She got up from the sofa and pulled him to his feet. As though she was the host, she led him towards Ndoda’s bedroom and shoved him onto the bed. Ndoda sat up quickly.

“I’ve never –” she put her finger on his lips.

He sat motionless, from both fear and eagerness. Her forehead rested against his, as she leaned in. With their eyes closed and both shaking, Sharon gently leaned in and kissed L.J’s warm lips. He pulled away and took a shaky, shallow breath. Unable to contain himself anymore, L.J held Sharon’s head in his hands and pulled her into a fiery and passionate kiss. Her hands worked their way around his body, feeling each line along his skinny physique. She lay on her back, as he matched her body’s form. L.J’s hands ventured over her curved body, exploring. They pulled apart and opened their eyes. They stared deep into each other’s eyes, L.J’s full of wonder and love, Sharon’s full of passion and lust. They spoke no words, just her moaning under him and him groaning as he failed to delay his early ejaculation.

He fell, panting beside her.

I love you. L.J will never know if he said or thought these words.

She turned to him and gave him that smile he loved at first sight, then held him until he felt his consciousness ebbing away, and then all his thoughts ended. Blissfully.

Tell us: Do you think that the love they share is real?