“I don’t get what you’re saying, young lady,” Queen Seipati said. “I don’t have a daughter, I only have two sons, this one,” she said, pointing at Thabo, “and his little brother, who is 5 years old.”

“Do you remember a woman named Mihloti?” Maya asked.

“Yes, that’s my old friend,” Queen Seipati responded. “Wait! How do you know her?”

“How was your relationship with her the last time you saw her?” Maya asked.

“Very bad, but she disappeared after I gave birth to my baby girl, who failed to survive,” Queen Seipati said while shedding a tear. “I guess she was hurt by the things I did to her. I’m not proud of what I did to her, I swear. Wait, are you her daughter?”

“Your daughter is alive,” Maya said.

“Wait! what?” Queen Seipati asked, sounding shocked.

“Read this letter,” Maya said, giving the letter to the Queen.

Queen Seipati started reading the letter silently, and tears started flowing down her face because she could not believe it. “So all this time I thought my baby was dead, she was alive, suffering while I’m alive,” she said. “I know I betrayed Mihloti, but what she did to me is way too much.”

“I’m so sorry my Queen,” Maya said.

“Where is she? Where is my daughter?” Queen Seipati asked.

“That’s the reason why I came here. Your daughter is in ICU, she needs you,” Maya responded.

“Ooh no, what happened to her?” Queen Seipati asked, panicking.

“She was beaten by some men and she was almost raped,” Maya responded. “So, she lost a lot of blood afterwards. I tried to help her, but unfortunately, only a person with blood type O can donate to her.”

“I want you to take me to Johannesburg now,” Queen Seipati said. “I have blood type O, and I will save my daughter. Let me call her father to come home so we can go together,” she said, calling her husband.

“Hey darling,” Morries said, picking up the phone. “Missing me already?”

“Darling, you have to come back home now,” Queen Seipati said. “This is urgent. We have to go to Joburg, now.”

“Why honey? You sound worried,” Morries said.

“Just come back home, please,” Queen Seipati said.

“Okay, I’m on my way,” Morries responded.


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