After reading the letter, Maya asked for permission from her mother to go visit her friend’s parents in the Free State, and fortunately she agreed. She went to the hospital to see Nkhenso before visiting her parents. She got into Nkhenso’s ward, stood next to her, held her hand, and shed a tear.

“I’m so sorry my friend,” Maya said. “I know you should be the one going to see your parents, but sadly you can’t now. I know you can’t hear me, but I want you to know that I’m doing all of this because I appreciate you so much, and you mean a lot to me. When I come back, all will be well, I promise.”

After speaking to Nkhenso, Maya kissed her on the forehead and left. She then went to catch a taxi to the Free State. When she arrived there, she took a taxi to the village where Nkhenso’s parents lived. From there, she kept on following the address until she reached the house.

“Wow! So it’s true,” Maya thought.

She was shocked when she saw the house. It was very big and beautiful, and it had everything one would ask for. You did not have to ask if it was the royal house or not. Its features explained everything. She arrived at the gate and found two guards there.

“Good afternoon sir,” Maya said to one of the guards.

“Afternoon young lady, how may I help you?” the guard responded.

“I’m here to see Mrs Lehato,” Maya said.

“Ooh, you mean Queen Seipati?” the guard asked.

“Yes,” Maya responded. “I’m from Johannesburg, and I have important things to discuss with her.”

“Okay young lady, see yourself in,” the guard said.

“Thank you sir,” Maya said, then she went inside, knocked on the door, and a boy opened it.

“Hello,” the boy, whose name was Thabo, said.

“Hey,” Maya responded. “I’m Maya from Joburg, and I’m here to see the Queen.”

“Okay cool, you can come in,” Thabo said. “By the way, I’m Thabo. Let me call her,” he said, and then called his mother. “Mom.”

“Thank you,” Maya said.

“What is it Thabo?” Queen Seipati said, responding from the bedroom.

“You have a guest,” Thabo said.

“Okay, give me 2 minutes,” Queen Seipati said. She then went to the sitting room, where Maya and Thabo were.

“Can I offer you something to drink?” Thabo said to Maya.

“Juice is just fine,” Maya responded.

“Okay, coming right up,” Thabo said.

“Hi young lady,” Queen Seipati said to Maya while sitting down.

“Hello my Queen,” Maya responded. “I’m sorry for this sudden visit. I know you are a busy person.”

“Do I know you?” Queen Seipati asked.

“No you don’t, but I’m here regarding your daughter,” Maya responded.

“I don’t have a daughter!” Queen Seipati said, sounding confused. “You must be in the wrong house.”

“No, I’m not,” Maya responded.


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