The doctors at the hospital ran some tests on Maya, and they found that she had blood type A. Unfortunately, it was not possible for her to be a donor. After getting the results, the doctors suggested that Maya go to Nkhenso’s mother and ask her to go do the tests. They were hoping that maybe she could be a match.

Maya tried explaining to the doctors that the woman wanted nothing to do with her daughter, but they insisted. She then went to Nkhenso’s home to try her luck. When she arrived, she found Nkhenso’s mother relaxing with her boyfriend

“Good afternoon,” Maya said.

“Afternoon little brat,” Nkhenso’s mother responded. “What are you doing in my house?”

“Nkhenso needs you Ma, please I’m begging you,” Maya said while crying. “You have to come to the hospital. She lost a lot of blood, and the doctors thought that maybe you might be able to help. Ma, she was almost raped.”

“Save her how? Am I God?” Nkhenso’s mother responded. “Anyway, it must have been the boyfriends she always sleeps with, so I don’t see how any of that is my business. I have my own boyfriend, as you can see, and we were in the middle of something before you came in, right darling?” she asked, kissing her boyfriend.

“Yes darling,” Cabel responded, kissing her back.

“Wow, so the hate for your own daughter has reached this point!” Maya said. “May God be with you.”

After speaking, Maya left and went to her home. When she got there, she did not know what to do anymore. She just got into her bed without eating anything .When she woke up in the morning, she found a letter on her door step. It was from Nkhenso’s mother, and on the cover page written, “I’m sorry”. Maya took the letter to her bedroom, but she did not know whether to open it or not.

“Should I open it? Or it’s meant to be opened by Nkhenso?” Maya silently said to herself. “But Nkhenso is in ICU, and if I’m not supposed to read it, why would her mom drop it here?”


Maya decided to open the letter, and she found some shocking news in it! The letter read as follows:

“Dear Nkhenso.

I’m ashamed of facing you, even in your unconsciousness, which is why I gave this letter to Maya in order for her to pass it to you in case you wake up. I know I have wronged you so much, and I do not expect you to forgive me. You must be wondering why I hate you so much, and you perhaps think that you are a curse, but you are not, believe me. I am not your biological mother. You are my old friend’s daughter. She is Queen Seipati, and she is from the Free State.

Your mother used to be my friend, and we used to share everything together, from laugher, to pain and happiness, until she betrayed me by getting married to the love of my life, Morries. He is your father, and I was the first one to date him. He loved me very much, and he would do anything for me, but your mother ruined all of that for me. She stole him from me.

I do not know how she did it, but I think she was the one who told him about my cheating, because I once cheated on him and she knew about it. So I think that was how she won him, and the most painful part was that they got married right in front of me. That was when I made a promise to myself that I would revenge my pain by stealing you from them before they could even hold you, then disappear after and came here with you.

You are supposed to be the next queen of your village when your mother dies or retires. I am sorry for robbing you of your royalty life, and I feel like I owe you the truth since I ruined your life. I wrote your mother’s address below, and that is where you will find her when you recover.

“Ooh my God, this is unbelievable,” Maya said, sounding shocked. “But this might be a good opportunity for Nkhenso to find a donor. I must find her parents.”


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