Maya was very happy when she saw the dress Bontle’s parents had bought for her. She and Bontle then said their goodbyes, and then later that day, Bontle and her parents left for the Free State. It was hard for Bontle to leave her friend behind, but she consoled herself with the fact that they would be able to visit each other anytime.

Bontle and her parents arrived at the Free State, and Bontle was very happy to see her home and her younger brothers. Being at home was a big thing for her, and the fact that one day she was going to be a Queen was like a dream to her. Her parents never wasted time. They got her space in private school, and got her a tutor to help her catch up with the work she missed while at hospital.

Bontle managed to catch up and performed well in her exams. She even managed to obtain a bachelorโ€™s pass with six distinctions. Her parents were very proud of her. She was admitted at University of Johannesburg to study LLB, and she managed to obtain her degree in record time. She then graduated and made her parents proud again.

Maya, on her side, archived her dreams of becoming a psychologist. The two best friends never forgot each other, and they kept their promises. They made their parents proud, and they both drove their dream cars. After all of that, they met their soul mates, so what more could they ask for?


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