“Please come in,” Maya said, and Bontle and her parents got inside the house. “Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Juice is just fine my baby,” Queen Seipati responded.

“Water please,” Morries said.

“You know my favourite,” Bontle said, smiling.

“Of course,” Maya said, laughing. She then organised the drinks for them. Her mother then came while they were all sitting there.

“Good Afternoon,” Maya’s mother said while sitting down.

“Afternoon my lady,” Queen Seipati responded.

“I guess you are Nkhenso’s parents,” Maya’s mother said. “Ooh sorry, I meant to say Bontle. It will take time for me to get used to this name of hers.”

“No it’s okay,” Queen Seipati said, smiling. “Your daughter is a very sweet child. She has done a lot for my daughter, she’s indeed a true friend.”

“Thank you,” Maya’s mother said, smiling. “I’m glad I gave birth to an angel like her. Anyway, your daughter is also a good friend to my daughter.”

“They are good together,” Queen Seipati said. “Anyway, we thought we should get something for Maya in order to thank her for everything she did for our daughter.” She then gave a bag to Maya’s mother.

“I’m opening it, I can’t hold myself,” Maya’s mother said, and they all laughed. “Wow, such a beautiful dress!”

“It was chosen by Bontle,” Queen Seipati said. “We want to organise a pens down party for them in the Free State, so we thought she could wear it, that’s if she’ll like it. It is the same as Bontle’s.”

“Of course she will love it,” Maya’s mother said. “Wow, thank you so much. Anyway, where are this girls?”

“They went to the shop, mommy,” Zoe responded.

“Ooh, Okay, Maya’s mother said.


Maya and Bontle were on their way back from spaza shop. “Friend, are you sure that you’ll come visit?” Maya asked.

“Yes darling, you don’t have to worry about anything,” Bontle responded. “Plus, my mom said you can visit anytime.”

“Wow, really? I will come every weekend, plus being in a royal house has always been my dream,” Maya said, laughing.

“You’re silly, you know that,” Bontle said, also laughing. “I got something for you.”

“What is it?” Maya asked.

“Close your eyes,” Bontle said.

“Okay fine,” Maya said while closing her eyes. Bontle then placed a necklace in her hand. “Wow, a piece of a heart,” she said while smiling. “Where is yours?”

“Here. Mine says Best Friends,” Bontle said.

“And mine says Forever,” Maya said.

“No amount of words can be enough for me to thank you for everything you did for me,” Bontle said. “But hey, one day I will have money and I will take you to your favourite restaurant, and we will go for some ice cream and shopping.”

“I have your piece with me, and that means a lot,” Maya said, and they both hugged.


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