Nkhenso was a teenage girl (16), and she was both beautiful and adorable. She stayed with her mother and two siblings, a boy and a girl. She and her little sister were never close at all, and it was a little strange. Yes, it was all because of the hate that their mother had towards Nkhenso. It was confusing and painful at the same time for her. I mean, how can your biological mother hate you that much?

To show that Nkhenso was the black sheep in the family, she was always side lined, and she would always carry the consequences of her sibling’s actions. That issue bothered her to a point that she even felt like she could just go stay in the streets, but she could not because she knew very well that she would never achieve her dreams in the streets.

One day, when Nkhenso was sitting outside, her best friend, Maya, arrived, and she was carrying a package of snacks.

“Hello my love,” Maya said, hugging Nkhenso and kissing her on the forehead.

“Ooh my word, hello sweetheart. Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?” Nkhenso asked.

“You know I don’t announce when coming to see my best friend,” Maya responded while laughing. “Anyway, why are you so miserable?” she asked.

“Story of my life, Maya. I feel like I do not belong in this house. I do not know why my mom hates me this much, Maya. Tell me, friend, am I a bad person? Just be honest with me, Maya, I’ll understand,” Nkhenso asked.

“No, no, darling. You are not a bad person at all. In fact, you are the sweetest person I have ever met. But honestly, I think there is more to this situation. Your mother is not telling you everything, and you need to ask her to be honest with you,” Maya responded.

“You think so?” Nkhenso asked.

“Yes friend. I mean, can’t you see this whole thing doesn’t make sense? Maybe she’s not your biological mother,” Maya responded.

“What?” Nkhenso asked while standing up. “No Maya, that can’t be true. You know what, let’s drop this conversation,” she added, and she could not believe her friend’s thoughts.

Nkhenso and Maya dropped the conversation and continued eating their snacks, but Nkhenso was left in deep thoughts regarding her friend’s words.


When Maya left, Nkhenso was left with endless questions. She tried ignoring it, but she could not help herself, and she ended up confronting her mother after that.

“Mom, is there anything you need to tell me?” Nkhenso asked after getting into her mother’s room.

“Something like what?” Nkhenso’s mother asked.

“Mom you hate me, and I don’t know why. This whole thing does not make sense at all. Mom, did you adopt me?” Nkhenso asked.

“You know what young lady? What I can actually tell you is that, when I see you, I see pain. You remind me of the most difficult time of my life, and you know what, actually? I do not want to talk about this,” Nkhenso’s mother responded.

“But mom please …” Nkhenso said while crying.

“I said get out now,” Nkhenso’s mother responded.

Nkhenso immediately ran and went straight to the shop. She then bought some paraffin, and after buying it, the seller realised that she was not okay, so he decided to talk to her.

“Are you okay, princess?” the seller asked.

“What do you think huh?” Nkhenos responded. “My mom hates me. She says she sees pain when she looks at me, meaning I’m a curse, huh? But you won’t understand, I mean your mom loves you and she sees a bright future in you. Don’t worry about me. You see this paraffin, it will change everything.”

“Hey, what do you mean?” the seller asked. “Please don’t do anything stupid, I’m begging you.”

“Me? Anything stupid?” Nkhenso asked. “My life is over already, and I’m as good as dead, so please do not worry, this is for the best.”

After speaking, Nkhenso immediately left. The seller was left with endless questions, and he did not know what to do or think. “Ooh my word, what if she commits suicide?” the seller thought.


Tell us: What advice would you give someone in the same situation as Nkhenso?