Days passed and not another word was spoken about the plan. We were waiting on Glen to just tell us when and how.

Just when I thought I was having a mental breakdown from the stress and guilt, Glen came over to tell us of the plan moving forward.

“So, my friend just informed me that the Coles will be hosting the game shows in 2 weeks. The money will be kept in their place over the duration of the weekend.” Glen said.

“Well how does your friend know that they will keep the money there this weekend?” I asked.

“Well he said security has been tightened and they do this every year when the shows come up. He is part of the security team,” Glen said.

“It’s hard to find good help these days,” Tumi mumbled.

There was a knock on the door. We all jumped as if we were caught out. Glen put his finger on his lips, signalling that we all keep quiet. We were silent for a few seconds. The knock persisted and our eyes darted from one to the other. I have never felt more stupid.

Someone clearly knew we were home. So what was the point of keeping quiet? I went to open the door, ignoring Glen’s hands waving in the air saying I mustn’t.

Remy was standing with his hand raised, about to knock again.

“If you really want to do it, I’m coming with you,” he said standing over the thresh hold. “He’s like a father to me also,” he continued and he walked in under my arm.

“Quinton! We’re busy here. Do you mind?” Tumi said looking at Remy.

“I know what’s happening, and I’m here to help,” Remy said.

I just raised my arms in the air demonstrating surrender. Tumi took the hint and she let it go. Remy was already there and we needed all the help we could get. Glen didn’t expect the three of us to do this, unless he wanted us to fail.

“As I was saying, Sunday four o’clock the Coles will leave the games with the last bit of money. Estimating the distance, they should be at their house at round about 4:45. Their house, is as you know, is surrounded a 6 feet long wall, an electric fence and 7 dogs. The fence won’t be a problem; just put a wet blanket over it, it will malfunction. Then I don’t know the setting of the inside of the house but hopefully there’s got to be some kind of safe and it should be in an office if they have one.” Glen said.

“Tumi you were there, did you see any office?” I asked

“No, I don’t know inside the house, but there was an office outside. I guess it’s where they make their business when selling or buying animals. Mrs Cole is a clean-freak, she doesn’t like dirt whatsoever,” she said

“It’s not a problem we are going to find it,” Glen said.

“How exactly are we going to do that? Don’t farmers have guns, especially white farmers?” Remy said looking scared.

“Don’t worry about it, just focus on getting the safe,” Glen said as he stood up and left.

“Dude this is going to be dangerous, I’m telling you. Guns!” Remy said in worry.

He was right; it was going to be dangerous. The stress kept on piling as days went on and Kimberly knew what was going on.

“Hey, how’s your dad holding up?” Kimberly asked after poetry class.

“He’s still critical,” I said.

“Still no luck with the money for the operation?”

“Not really, but we will get it hopefully,” I said, really hoping that some miracle will appear and save us from Glen’s crazy plan.

“We can go talk to the principal and ask if we can raise some funds here in school to help,” she suggested.

“Nah, its fine. We will get the money, soon. But thanks for the suggestion,” I said.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here, Klein Meisie with my woman? Do you have some kind of death wish, laatie?” Worm interrupting us. I didn’t know that he was dating Kimberly. I didn’t want to know.

“Hey stop it, we were just talking.” Kim said as she pushed Worm back.

“Why are you talking to him? Hey boy listen here, stay away from my girl you hear me? Or else you will join your father in hospital,”

“And how did you know my dad was in hospital?” I asked Worm but looked at Kimberly in suspicion.

“He works for me; I know everything about you and your family. King Coal Mine did you a massive favour by giving you that scholarship, or else you’d still be stuck in your little township school. Let’s go babe!” Worm said as they left.

His words kept running through my mind. I thought the Coles couldn’t have children. How can Worm have such information unless he actually lived there? I rushed to hospital and found Tumi with my dad.

“We have to talk,” I said as I signalled her to come outside.

Yini manje?” she asked in curiosity

“The day you went to the Coles, did you happen to see a boy, round about my age?” I asked

“No, why?” she said

“Well there’s this boy from school, Worm. He just told me thatt he is going to put me in hospital with my father; he knows everything about our family. He actually said, dad works for him,” I said.

“How’s that possible, I thought the Coles couldn’t bear children?” Tumi said trying to keep her voice down.

“My thoughts exactly! They must have adopted him because he doesn’t have their surname,” I said.

“Well I guess it’s possible,” she said.

“This changes everything,” I said starting to panic. “How will I look him at school knowing that I have stolen from his parents?” I said.

“We have to call Glen and tell him about this. The games are coming up this weekend,” Tumi said as she made the phone call.

If my senses were working properly I would’ve noticed how quickly Tumi wanted to call this off. She just needed a lifeline. My sister had a heart of gold.

It was just days before the shows and still no word from Glen. Stress levels were piling up and Tumi and I could barely focus on anything. School was hell; living with the knowledge that I would be robbing Worm’s parents was just too much to handle.


Tell us: Would you rob someone you know to save a family member or friend?