Thirty minutes later, two detectives strolled into the shop. One was slender and tall, Detective Mambo, and the other one was equally as tall but more on the robust side, Detective Marko. His bloated stomach caused the buttons on his shirt to yell out in agony. The policemen made their way to Mr Dubes’ office.

Danny was sitting there looking like a kitten about to be thrown into a bath. His eyes widened in fear when he saw Detective Mambo. He was easily identifiable by the scars on his forehead. He stared at Danny menacingly.

“Tell us what happened,” Detective Mambo said.

Mr Dube took two deep breaths before speaking.

“I found this boy in my shop when I got here,”

“We will take him in for questioning, but I hope your hands didn’t touch anything in this shop, it will tamper with our evidence,” said Detective Marko.

“That boy’s fingerprints are all over,” he replied.

Detective Mambo cuffed Danny tightly. He looked like one of those policemen who enjoyed interrogating his suspects.

“I am innocent, I didn’t steal anything,” Danny shouted with a crackling voice.

“Guilty until proven innocent,” Detective Marko chuckled.

Danny wished he had listened to Taku, if only he didn’t want milk for his cereal. As he was escorted into the van, he looked at Mr Dube with tears welling up in his eyes, but the detective didn’t even bother looking at him. Danny now regretted even waking up this morning.

“The forensics are on their way. We will need a day to process the fingerprints,” Detective Mambo said.

Danny was taken to the police station where he was interrogated by Detective Mambo. Every time Danny denied his role in the theft he received a slap from the detective. Eventually welts started to appear on Danny’s face.

“You think I don’t know nyaope boys!? Your bail hearing is tomorrow,” he said, leaving Danny on the floor.

Danny’s lip was cracked from the punches Detective Mambo gave him. He spat blood mixed with saliva on the ground as a uniformed policeman took him to the cells. His stomach pained and he walked in agony. He was given his one phone call to inform someone about his arrest.

He called Taku and asked him not to tell anyone about his arrest, even his family. Talking while in pain is as difficult as counting grains of salt.


Tell us: How do you think the bail hearing will go?