One day Shivundu, one of the three sons of the king who was studying in Cape town, visited the royal house for a holiday. He was very happy to be home and went from room to room singing, dancing and sometimes stopping just to inhale the familiar smell of his father’s Big Royal Palace. While he was busy running from room to room, familiarizing himself with the place he was last at six months ago, he bumped into a girl. Fiona was Mr Badvembu’s last daughter and even though her face was now bones and skin, he was amazed by the beauty he saw beneath. Her face was flawless, without even a pimple. He was taken by this girl and immediately fell in love with this beautiful girl in a dirty maid’s uniform. He the approached her.

“Aa!” he greeted.

The girl fell on the floor and replied, “Ndaa!” but with a cold voice. She knew he was a prince and respecting and obeying the prince’s orders was a must. That didn’t sit well with the prince as he was from the urban side of town. He immediately took her hand and helped her up.

Ndi khou humbela pfarelo, I am sorry if I scared you,” he said and then held out his right hand. “I am Shivudu. I was hoping I could chat with you only if that would be OK with you. You are a very lovely young lady.” Vho vuwa hani? How are you?”

She stood up with the support of his hand and answered, “Ne ndo takala vhukuma,” I am fine thank you. I am Fiona, Mr Baddvembu’s last daughter and the maid in the royal house. I am not supposed to be seen with you, please let me go.”

She then stood, freed her hand and ran to the kitchen with tears in her eyes. That made the prince very, very sad. He could not sleep as he was busying his mind with the question only Fiona could answer. He decided to search for Fiona and found her in her a room with a bed, toilet and the sink. He sat there next to her, held her hands and told her everything there was to know about him and how he was different from his evil dad and his evil ways. She listened to him for some time and started to open up. She told him everything from the beginning to the end. They talked and talked, fixing their differences and finally planned to escape. They would escape to a place far away where nobody could find them; a place where their love would find a way no matter what…

The day arrived and Fiona was there waiting for the prince to come and fetch her at their chosen place. But the prince was nowhere to be seen. The news had already reached the king’s ears and his men were ordered to find and kill Fiona and feed her to the crocodile. No mistake this time. She was now a threat to the king’s wealth.


Tell us: Do you think they will find Fiona and kill her?