***Life, Make it Your Own***

What is there left to cry for? What is there left to wright for? What is done is done, and you cannot turn back the hands of time. Sometimes you just have to be egocentric, because you will love its upshots, believe me! As much as everyone else comes and goes, even friends and family come and go. Nobody is here to stay.

Discover you, and concentrate mainly on keeping your mind fed, your body right, your cash flowing, and your spirit elevated. In order for you to make a living, and in order for you to make it in life, you have to be you and focus on what makes you happy. Nobody else but YOU! Cut off some friends if you have to. YES, they might hate you, but you should love them more, because they will someday be a solemn statement, and you will one day declare freely about them, telling people all the good things you have achieved after cutting them off.

Let it just be you against the world, because everything you want you will get through faith, belief, and hard work. No matter the necessity, you will acquire what you desire, so be devoted when you endeavour towards a reward. You cannot obtain a reward that is acquired by means of leaping over some steps and stages on your journey towards success.

Success cannot be acquired with ease, so hold on to what you believe in, keep your head high, and do not give up on any occasion. Have your name on bulletin boards if that is what you desire. Have a street named after you, you can even have a national road named after you, it is permissible! Try not to be just a common person, and exert a lot of energy in the direction of being an extraordinary person; one of a kind.

Do not rush into the state of being mature, so take your time, but use it effectively. Do not postpone or delay needlessly, because procrastination is the thief of time.

Never mind your background, or the kind of a life you are living, or where you come from. Those things do not have to delineate you, but where you are heading does. Make education your number one priority, and endeavour to find help and advice where you need it. Hold back your haughtiness and be affable, because everyone you meet must make a positive change in you.

Learn to smile, love, and laugh, because you do not know exactly how long you will be around to share these things with others. Accept whatever challenge presents itself to you along the way. Life is the cornerstone of democracy, and it is a competition to the top. Be a rival in everything you do, and accept defeat with a smile!

Confidence is the way to many things. It is a way to being a good author, a good lawyer, a good presenter, et cetera. Whatever you want to achieve, you can do it if you have confidence in yourself.

Do not wait for anybody to put it in your mind that you can, or that you are able to. NO. Remind yourself first of what you wish to become, what you are made of, and where you see yourself in the next five to ten years. Set your own time frame and work hard on achieving everything that you need to have in that period. There are ups-and-downs in life, and those ups-and-downs are the things that we just cannot run away from.

Life is like a rollercoaster, we only have safety gears to surmount it.

In life, you will need motivation, respect, love, knowledge, and a positive attitude to adapt to its purposes. With love, everyone wants to help you. When you are polite, you will learn to love others as you love yourself. You will never struggle with finding help, learning to forgive, and entrusting people with second chances.

“Life is an unknown journey with no guarantees. It can end at any time, with no settlement of its distinguishing characteristics. So, fulfil and live everyday like there is no tomorrow. Learn to face every day and test your abilities to overcome things. At an unexpected future time, you shall overcome all the known impossibilities.”

Tell us: What do you do when you need to gain motivation for the work you are doing?