Two years later, Nolutho was prepared to get married with Siya but Siya went against the statement, claiming that he’s not ready yet. “But baby, this is the perfect time to get married. It’s been two years now and I’m sure that you’re the one I’ll spend the rest of my life with.” Nolutho stated.

“Nolutho, I know it’s been two years now and I love you, but marriage is a big step for a 19-year old.”

“What’s bothering you, Siya? You’ve been very distant ever since you went to Varsity?” She asked.

“Nothing, my love. I have an idea. Let’s take the weekend off and go to Cape Town. When we come back, then we can decide about marriage. Just the two of us, alone.” Nolutho nodded to the plan but knew that her mind is set on marrying Siya, no matter what.

The weekend came by and the love-birds went to Cape Town. On Saturday morning, Siya’s phone rang while he was in the shower.

S’thandwa sam, your phone is ringing.” Nolutho shouted.

“Answer it!” Siya shouted from the bathroom and Nolutho answered the phone: “Siya’s phone, hello?”

“Who am I talking to? And where is Siya?”

“This is Nolutho and you are?”

“I’m Andiswa, Siyabonga’s fiancée. Tell him that I called about the wedding preparations.”

“Will do so.”

Nolutho was shocked. After two years of thinking that she has found the one, but she was wrong. Her thoughts were interrupted by Siya, saying: “So, who was it?”

“It was Andiswa, your future wife! How could you, Siyabonga?” She asked bursting in tears.

“Nolutho, S’thandwa sam, my love, she’s nothing to me. Just a crazy woman who can’t let go of….” Siya’s sentence was cut short by Nolutho, shouting angrily at him:

“Oh, please! Don’t come up with that crappy story. It’s over!”

“You know what; you’re not worth begging for.”

“I paid everything for you, bought you new clothes, a new car, paid your tuitions fees, I did everything for you.”

“Your money means nothing to me. I’m not into you, not now, not ever.”

“I’m leaving now. I’m sick and tired of your lies and insults. Goodbye, Siyabonga Mkhotheni. Have a nice life.”

“Are you leaving me here? What about me?”

Uzifakilekulenyakanyaka, zikhuphekuyo.” Meaning, “You got yourself in this mess, so get yourself out.”

As Nolutho was trying to leave the room, Siya grabs her by her arm. “You are not going anywhere, you stupid bitch!” Nolutho tussled and finally released herself, ran straight to the kitchen. Siya ran after her. Nolutho ran out of the kitchen holding a knife. Without seeing each other, they bumped on each other and accidently, Nolutho stabbed Siya. He fell on top of her. She dropped the body on the floor and panicked.