Nolutho and Siya (As she used to call him) hung out a lot, had picnics together, went to movies and did a few crazy but fun things. She even introduced him to her staff at the BA ad Agency. She only forgot to tell him how much she loved him.

She taught him how to drive and they got closer. She spoke open-heartedly to him and she finally pushed herself to confess to him. “Siya, there is something I need to tell you,” she began talking.

“Okay. I’m all ears.”

“Please don’t freak out. This has been eating me inside for months. I…”

“…Love you!” He finished the sentence.

Nolutho was speechless and tried to utter something but frowned in shame. This was abnormal to Nolutho, falling in love with a schoolboy. Siya saw that Nolutho is ashamed and said, “Don’t be ashamed about someone you love. I love you too.”

He got close to Nolutho, held her by her chin, came closer and their lips touched each other.

Nolutho broke the kiss and said, “No, no, no! We can’t do this. This is a mistake!”

“Don’t fool yourself, Nolutho, because I know that you want this to happen.”

“Siya, you’re 17-years-old, I’m 24.”

“Love is not about age. I’m a guy and you’re a woman, we love each other. So where does age interfere?”

“It stops us from…” Siya put a finger on Nolutho’s mouth and said, “Shhhhh… There is no use fighting this. Do you love me?”

“I do love you, but…”

“No buts! You love me and I love you. There is definitely no-one that can fight this.”

Siya started kissing Nolutho again but she didn’t stop him. She never thought that she could be so dependent on a guy after matric, least of all, a schoolboy. It was a miracle for Nolutho. Finally she had met her Prince Charming. Their lives together began that day.