On the weekend, Zenande, Sharon and Zodwa went to a club not far from their school residence. They looked stunning and elegant. But Zodwa’s dress was a bit too tight and way too short. The other girls knew that was how she dressed; the less clothes the sexier, was her motto.

“Yolanda, are you sure you don’t want to go with us?” Sharon asked.

“Yes girl don’t worry about me. I have to study,” Yolanda said with a smile, she wanted to go and have fun but she knew she had to catch up on her work.

“Come on now Yolanda, it’s a Saturday and you’ll have plenty of time to study tomorrow,” Zenande tried to persuade her.

“Haibo Girls, with or without her the party still goes on,” said Zodwa looking annoyed. “Let us not worry ourselves all because of some school nerd who studies for ,” Zodwa said

“Yes girls she’s right. As you know I’m studying for free and if I do something that will bring my school marks down, my bursary won’t be extended and I might not be able to study for the next years. My family conditions are not well and they afford that,” Yolanda said calmly.

“Ay if you say so,” Sharon said.

“At least take this swazi, you’ll need it,” Zenande said.

“Drop it on the sofa, but I’m not sure I won’t be needing anymore of that stuff, not after the last time,” Yolanda said.

Zenande did just that and the three girls went away. Yolanda watched them go. She wanted to be out with them, having fun. But she really couldn’t afford that. She was already behind on some work and she needed to catch up. She thought of what her family would do if she lost the bursary. No, she couldn’t afford that. Partying could wait for another day.

Sharon and Zenande came back the next morning. They noticed a boy come out of their room, where Yolanda was sleeping. The boy ran past them, struggling to pull his pants up and covering his face with his jacket.

“Haibo! Girl, who was that?” Sharon asked wanting to know. But Yolanda just laughed.

“Yolanda, are you fine?” Zenande asked.

“Yolanda you are high?” Sharon asked coming over to sniff at Yolanda. “Wait a minute, did that guy take advantage of you because you are high?” Sharon got worried when she noticed Yolanda was half naked in bed.

Zenande shouted after him and she tried to chase the guy but Yolanda stopped her.

“You guys are jumping to conclusions,” Yolanda said giggling. “Me and Sphiwe were just having fun,”

“Who the hell is Sphiwe?” Sharon asked. “And why have I never heard of such a person here in this building?”

“He was just helping me with my assignment,” Yolanda explained, still laughing. “We studied together and we ended up doing something else,” she laughed.

Sharon and Zenande had nothing to say. They knew it was pointless talking to Yolanda while she was high, so they went away and let her be.

When Yolanda woke up hours later, it was only her and Zodwa in the room. She was feeling a bit sick from the weed and she didn’t have the energy to deal with Zodwa and her rude comments right now. She got up from the bed and staggered to the door to get to the bathroom. She wished that by the time she got back Zodwa would’ve been gone.

She drank some water, because her mouth was feeling so dry and had a weird taste. After splashing her face with some cold water she returned to the room.

“Hey,” Zodwa greeted when Yolanda entered the room.

“Hi,” Yolanda replied not wanting to be rude.

“Uhm, I’m sorry about the way I have behaved towards you lately. It’s just that I hardly knew you and I am always cautious of people I don’t know,” Zodwa explained.

Yolanda was shocked. But this was an apology and not accepting it would’ve been rude.

“No it’s fine, there’s no need to explain yourself to me,”

“No, I have been a real jerk and I feel stupid for not giving myself a chance to get to know you,” Zodwa said smiling. “I mean you are a good girl and you don’t deserve to be treated the way I treated you,”

“I’m glad that you have finally seen that I’m not a bad person. But as I said, it is fine,” Yolanda said with a smile too. She wasn’t really buying what Zodwa was saying. But she had no idea why she would be nice to her and even apologize. So it must be real, she thought to herself.

“So does that mean you forgive me?”

“Yes, Zodwa I do,”

Zodwa jumped up and went to hug Yolanda. When Yolanda noticed the tears in Zodwa’s eyes she knew that it was all genuine.

“I’m so grateful for this, thank you my friend. I promise you I won’t ever treat you badly again,” Zodwa said.

“Okay, okay. I get you, now calm down,” Yolanda said breaking away from the hug.

“Okay, okay I will, but not until you tell me who’s this new guy of yours is,” Zodwa couldn’t hide her excitement.

So that’s what she wants, Yolanda thought to herself.

“Why do I feel like you are only apologizing to me so I can tell you about this guy? Why didn’t you say from the start that you want to know about him?” Yolanda said sounding annoyed.

“No, no it’s not like that girl. I’m sorry if you feel that way. It’s fine, don’t tell me if you don’t want to,” Zodwa said.

“I’m just joking,” Yolanda said seeing the hurt in Zodwa’s eyes. “His name is Sphiwe,” Yolanda said with a smile. Zodwa covered her eyes and laughed at Yolanda blushing. She was happy for Yolanda.

Yolanda told her that they met that day she went to the doctor. He was the guy who had given her a lift. And they had been chatting and seeing each other for a while. She didn’t want to tell the girls yet until she was sure that they were serious.

“Oh girl I’m so happy for you. I truly wish that your boyfriend is nothing like my man, whom I share with four other women,” Zodwa said while hugging Yolanda.


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