“Kai and Rose, I have devised a plan. We must destroy the mother ship along with one of us as the destruction of one of our suits and the explosions will surely destroy the ship, but that’s only a backup. The original is that all of us must take off our armour and set the self-destruction mode to allow the annihilation of the ship,” Jack says.

“That’s a good plan but the first plan is the best and I’ll say it now, there won’t be a fuss. I’ll be the one to sacrifice my life,” Kai says.

“What now, how can we sacrifice one of our own?” Rose states.

“Don’t make a fuss guys, I’ve always seen myself as a hard pill to swallow in your relationship ,and aside from that, it’s not good for all of us to die, because surely without our armour we risk being killed,” Kai says.
“I don’t oppose yet I’m not in favour of this choice…”

Kai, Jack, and Rose move forward as they reach the middle of the ship with larger bodies of aliens coming toward them to do battle.

“Photon wave!” Kai says, as he shoots beams of projected photons that kill off a third of the aliens.

“Phonon beam!” Rose says, as she shoots a phonon beam that kills off another third of the aliens.

“Rhaaa!” Jack shouts as he destroys the last third of the aliens with his bare hands and fast-paced punches and kicks.

The fighting causes the ship to become unstable and launch its own self-destruction mode that is set for 20 seconds.

“Guys, I think this is our final ride,” Kai said.

Rose and Jack share a heartfelt kiss, with Kai smiling as their own suits respond to this endeavour and they also launch an instant self-destruction mode, destroying the mother ship. Jack, Rose, and Kai, with the people around the ship, celebrate as other alien ships are destroyed also without reason.

To be continued…

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