His name was Alexander, eleven years of age and an orphan. He lived in orphanages until the age of eight. Alexander tragically lost both his parents at a very young age. The love of a parent he never had, though Alexander did live with foster parents. However, he was crying yet again, as his foster parents sadly had died. This was the second time he lost foster parents.

“Alexander sweetie, lets go,” said Miss Stewart, the social worker who was assigned to his care as they would soon return back to the orphanage. Alexander hardly spoke or ever revealed anything about himself.

His foster parents described him as a good-hearted and loving child, so Miss Stewart had no suspicion of him. Alexander always wore a pair of sneakers, shorts and a skipper. No-one ever knew his past except Ma, the lady who was in charge of the orphanage. Today Miss Stewart was certain to know the entire truth of Alexander’s life.

“Alexander, dear is there something you would like to tell me?” asked Miss Stewart, as they drove to the orphanage. He remained quiet for some time as he looked out the window of the car.

“No,” he replied in that ever-lifeless tone of his.

Knowing that it will be in vain to question him more, Miss Stewart instead waited till they reached the orphanage.

“Welcome back Alexander dear,” said Ma as she gave him a hug with tears in her eyes.

“Miss Waters can I speak to you please?” asked Miss Stewart as Ma finished helping Alexander to settle back in the orphanage.

“I know it’s about Alexander, I think we should speak in private,” said Ma as they walked to a secluded bench in the orphanage.

“Alexander’s parents were rebels, killed in the act of war by mercenaries. Alexander lived on a daily basis seeing death and slaughter, something no child should be exposed to. After he was hidden in a pile of bodies one of the mercenaries showed mercy and brought him here to me. There I found a note and his famished body on the doorstep of the orphanage. I took great pity on the child as I read the note that told of his past,” said Ma after she was questioned by Miss Stewart.

“I much prefer to be called ‘Ma’ in the orphanage since I’m the only mother these kids have,” continued Ma as she and Miss Stewart now discussed the possibility of new foster parents for Alexander.

“Ma, the children are waiting in class,” said one of the workers who approached Ma and Miss Stewart.

“We’ll continue this conversation in a few weeks’ time once I’ve finished arranging everything,” said Miss Stewart as Ma and the helper left to go attend the children who were waiting.


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