After months of training, I feel that I am ready to face anyone. In CJ’s office I see a folder with the name Project Beta. Just as I am about to take the file I hear CJ entering.

“We got his whereabouts. He is somewhere in the woods, in one of the 6 cabins. Let’s go.” I run straight to his car and he drives.

The rain starts falling and the sky is lit with lightning.

“Have you thought about joining us? The offer still stands,” CJ asks.

I look at him.

“I have thought about it but I don’t think it is for me. This chapter…I just want to close and move on.”

We stop by a cabin and a man starts running. I immediately open the door and start running.

With CJ’s gun in my hand, I look the guy straight in the eyes, thinking of the future I could’ve had with Sasha and the baby. The man begs for mercy but I look him straight in the eyes.

“Now you know how everyone you’ve killed felt. I’m not gonna kill you right away, I’m going to take my time, making you wish I killed you immediately.”

CJ grabs the gun from me and shoots the man 3 times in the chest. As we are about to run away we hear a voice on a megaphone ordering us to drop the gun and that we are surrounded. CJ and I fall to the ground on our knees and the FBI arrests us.

Back in the interrogation room I’m sitting handcuffed. A suited man steps in and looks at me.

“I’m Captain Howard Breaks. I’ve gone through your statement but it does not make sense. Agent CJ has been working here for 7 years and he had no reason to murder a wounded man. You on the other hand, have motive and your prints were on the weapon. According to CJ, you grabbed his gun and fired then he grabbed the gun from you.”

I can’t believe what I am hearing. How could everything be going wrong for me?
CJ enters, looks at me and then turns to Captain Breaks. He asks captain Breaks if he could have a moment alone with me and Captain Breaks steps out.

“Michael you’ll have to take the fall for this,” CJ says. I look at him and angrily.

“Are you kidding me?!”

He takes out pictures of him with his children and wife. “I can’t go to jail. I have to be there for my kids.”

“So you want me going to jail?” I ask him.

“I’ve spoken to Captain Breaks and he agreed that if you decide to join us, then all charges will be dropped,” he replies.

I start thinking about his kids and about the baby Sasha was carrying. I wouldn’t have wanted him growing up without a father, so I decide to join them.

A week later I’m back at the FBI headquarters in Captain Breaks’ office. He takes out a file and hands it to me.

“Your first assignment is to attend United University and get close to the group called The Clique. That group is popular in the University which will allow you to basically get close to any student. You need to identify a student selling a truth drug,” Captain Breaks says.

I look at the file. “My friend Jeff attends this University. Wait, truth drug? It says here students used it against other students to find out if their partners are cheating and then it paralyses the victim temporary. Wow some of these stories are quite scary, most victims commit suicide after they have been given the drug.”

“You better not blow your cover. Not even to your friend. Find out if it is suicide or if it is only made to look like a suicide. The suspect might be a chemistry student. Enjoy your first assignment Agent Prince.” Captain Breaks says.

“By the way, we got you a new house near the university, the address is in the file. Now go, you start there on Monday.”

In a way I’m getting to start over and away from the place the incident happened.


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